Doughty Engineering: MTN Shop brings the best Entertainment production brands in the Industry

by PSC Marketing July 24, 2018

When it comes to film, television, and theatrical productions, the equipment is just as important as the performers. To properly set and capture the scene, riggers and visionaries alike need the best rigging equipment and studio equipment to perfectly mesh with all other performance elements. As entertainment professionals, we sell only the best gear available for the hardworking men and women across the rigging, film and photography industries.

Doughty Engineering is a world-leading manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for the film, TV, and theatre industries. Doughty was founded in 1985 when it began producing equipment for the entertainment market in the United Kingdom. From the beginning quality and safety were key to Doughty’s success with rigorous testing of all products to ensure the highest quality standards including TÜV product services. We admire their dedication to manufacturing safe and efficient products, which is why we are proud to add them to the MTN Shop.  

Whether you’re a rigger, grip, gaffer, or someone else working in the entertainment industry, stages and set design are vital to overall production value. Apart from the physical stages and sets themselves, rigging hardware is also necessary for design and performance. Doughty Engineering’s full line of couplers, clamps, and brackets make building functional sets safe and efficient.

Rigging hardware helps build the productions you need

Scaffolding and truss can be utilized throughout the production process, from building sets to using towers for camera crews. Couplers, clamps, and brackets all aid in building production and design and can upgrade or alter existing structures.

Pipes are easy to combine with Doughty’s couplers. With a wide variety of clamps to choose from, clamps can construct various scaffolding configurations and hold frames, lighting instruments, and fixtures. Brackets also serve different on-site functions, including hanging overlap track and handrails. 

Our selection of rigging hardware meets all access requirements within the film industry. Find what you need at MTN Shop.

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