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by MTN Productions LTD July 24, 2018

when it comes to film, television, and theatrical productions, the equipment is just as important as the performers. To properly set and capture the scene, riggers and visionaries alike need the best rigging equipment and studio equipment to perfectly mesh with all other performance elements.

As entertainment professionals, we sell only the best gear available for the hardworking men and women across the rigging, film and photography industries. Therefore, we added Doughty Clamps to our rigging shop.


Doughty Clamps Promise Quality, Safety & Efficiency

DOUGHTY TWENTY CLAMPDoughty Quick Trigger Clamp

Doughty Twenty Clamp(Left) & Doughty Quick Trigger Clamp(Right)

Doughty Engineering is a world-leading manufacturer of rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for the film, TV, and theatre industries. Doughty was founded in 1985 when it began producing equipment for the entertainment market in the United Kingdom.

From the beginning quality and safety were key to Doughty’s success with rigorous testing of all products to ensure the highest quality standards including TÜV product services. We admire their dedication to manufacturing safe and efficient products, which is why we are proud to add them to the MTN Shop.  

Whether you’re a rigger, grip, gaffer, or someone else working in the entertainment industry, stages, and set design are vital to overall production value. Apart from the physical stages and sets themselves, rigging hardware is also necessary for design and performance. Doughty Engineering’s full line of couplers, clamps, and brackets make building functional sets safe and efficient.


Rigging Equipment Helps Build the Productions you Need

Scaffolding and truss can be utilized throughout the production process, from building sets to using towers for camera crews. Doughty Clamps, Couplers, and Brackets all aid in building production and design and can upgrade or alter existing structures.

Doughty Half Coupler

Doughty Half Coupler (finished in polished or black)

Aluminum BarrelsSteel tubes or truss chords are easy to combine with Doughty Clamps. With a wide variety of clamps to choose from (see the list below), they can construct various scaffolding configurations and hold frames, lighting instruments, and fixtures for film/TV, theatre and concert halls. Brackets also serve different on-site functions, including hanging overlap track and handrails. 

Top 5 Doughty Clamps - Perform Challenging Tasks Riggers Desire

Doughty Trigger Clamp Use

Doughty Trigger Clamp

Constructed from high tensile aluminum extrusion, this aluminum clamp does not only lightweight but sturdy. It has a large tee ‘easygrip’ handle, allowing one person to hang and position heavy luminaires or other equipment easily and securely. So, the production setup can be quicker and more economical.

When the weight of the object being hung, it becomes the safety factor by automatically closing the trigger and the bottom half of the clamp. This range of clamps has a safe working load of 200kg and fits tube diameter from 48mm to 51 mm.


Doughty Twenty Clamp

Doughty Twenty Clamp

Twenty Clamp is the latest addition to Doughty range of aluminum clamps. It received an overwhelming welcome from many riggers and became one of our best selling gears.

This compact clamp can secure 48 - 51mm diameter tubes with only two turns of the knob. Its safe working load is 20kg.

Manufactured from pressure die-cast aluminum, the Twenty Clamp has been specifically designed to minimize damage to thin wall truss. In the long run, it will hugely save your maintenance cost. 


Doughty Hook Clamp

 Doughty Hook Clamp

Manufactured from high-quality steel, these clamps are easy to handle and extremely strong. They are available in bright zinc plated finish or black powder paint. 

We supply the standard Hook Clamps that suit tube diameters from 48mm to 51m, and special hook clamps that fit larger tubes up to 75mm diameters and smaller tubes of an 18mm diameter only. We also understand the high demand for hanging various equipment, so you can find the light-duty, medium-duty(100kg), and heavy-duty(150kg) hook clamps in our MTN Shop to meet your different loading requirements.


Doughty Beam Clamp

Doughty Beam Clamp

It is an all steel clamp with a 1000kg working load limit. This Beam clamp is designed for attaching to steel beams, providing a quick versatile rigging point. This beam clamp is manufactured with a forged steel attachment eye that allows loads to be hung. It fits a huge range of beams ranging from 75mm to 220mm wide. Its versatility no wonder is widely applicable in the stage, theatre, and events. 

The Beam Clamp is opened and closed by turning the threaded spindle. When securing the clamp to a beam, the clamp must only be tightened by hand.


Doughty Truss Adaptor 

Doughty Truss Adaptor

Truss Adaptors enable triangular and square truss sections to be mounted to any of the Doughty winch stand range. This system provides the means to lift truss sections into place safely. The range of Hanging Truss Adaptors has been designed to suspend truss sections with a chain hoist. 

They are supplied with two high tensile 6082-T6 aluminum couplers with a high-quality silver powder coated to fit 48 - 51mm diameter truss chord. We supply both fixed and swivel truss plates to form your own constructions. 


Our selection of rigging hardware meets all access requirements within the film industry. Find what you need at MTN Shop.

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