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Most people think one axe can do it all — but an axe specialized for splitting or chopping is far more effective for its specific task.

Which tool is the best for your work?

Splitting Axe: For cutting a vertically positioned log in half with a single downward stroke of an axe. If you are tall or prefer a long axe, the Fiskars x27 super splitting axe is perfect for you to split medium-sized to extra-large logs. If you just need to split some small or medium logs, the Fiskars x17 Splitting Axe is a great bet.

Chopping Axe: For cutting a horizontal log into segments with multiple swift, sharp, downward strokes of an axe, perfect for heavy-duty chopping tasks. The Fiskars x10 is suitable for chopping smaller logs or kindling.

Hatchet: Being around 2/3 shorter than a full-size chopping axe, it is easy to carry and ideal for kindling and cutting small-to-medium logs. Chopping smaller logs or kindling for campfire camping, hiking and outdoor activities is easy with the Estwing Sportsmans or the Fiskars x7 Hatchet.

Splitting Wedge: For splitting a harder and larger wood that a splitting maul cannot split. A wedge can be driven into a medium-to-large wooden block by slamming it with a sledgehammer or axe for easy splitting, e.g. Fiskars wood splitting wedge

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