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A winch is a mechanical device to lift or move heavy objects. It winds wire around a drum (or a spool) while holding the wire rope steady until it needs to be adjusted. They are used for backstage mechanics in the film and live event industries. They are embedded in the floor to move large pieces on and off the set when needed. Winches are also used for industrial purposes like towing vehicles or boats or removing heavy rocks, trees, and cumbersome equipment.We carry both hand winch and electric winch products at MTN SHOP.

Hand Winches

With a capacity between 200kg and 5000kg, hand winches or called manual winches are operated by turning the ratcheting crank/lever to lift or pull a load. If you wind the cable onto the cable spool, the winch will pull in a load. If you wind out, the device will let the load move away. Manual winches are easy to work with and require low maintenance effort. A hand winch is light and portable since it requires no electrical external power.

Electric Winches

An electric winch is a motorized device used for lifting, pulling and positioning of loads. It is typically mounted to a vehicle’s front or rear bumper and is powered by direct current electricity provided by the vehicle’s electrical system. It works best in towing applications and is used primarily in the landscaping, power, and telecommunication industries.

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