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A reliable lanyard is an essential item in any fall protection setup. Having the right lanyard for the task at hand is critical, and our library of shock-absorbing lanyards are ideal for production settings and many climbing scenarios. 

Different Types of Safety Lanyards

There are 3 main types of lanyards: 

• Fall Arrest Lanyard/Shock Absorbing Lanyard: In a personal fall arrest system, a fall arrest lanyard is used to catch a fall, in conjunction with a fall arrest harness and a connector, before hitting the ground. According to EN355, in the event of a fall, shock absorbers should limit the impact force to a max. of 6kN.
• Work Positioning Lanyard: In a work-positioning system, a positioning lanyard connects the side D-rings of a harness to an anchor to secure a user in place while performing delicate tasks with two hands.
• Fall Restraint Lanyard: In a fall restraint system, workers are restrained from reaching a fall hazard. A harness is connected with a fall restraint lanyard without a shock pack, preventing the worker from reaching the leading edge.

Safety harness and lanyard inspection

According to OSHA and ANSI, the fall protection equipment should be inspected before each use and every 6 months by a competent person. The gear exposed to a fall arrest has to be removed from service and replaced immediately. Check out our complete guide and download our safety harness and lanyard inspection checklist to assist your regular inspections.

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