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Electric Hoists

Our company has trusted CM and Yale electric chain hoists for years to lift our roofs and rigging safely and efficiently. The industrial electric hoists with a yellow/orange frame are ideal for material handling whereas those with a black frame are proven in the entertainment industry

What are the benefits of choosing an electric chain hoist?

These are only some of the advantages of an electric hoist. To learn more, head over to our complete hoist guide: Manual Hoists Vs Electric Hoists

  • An electric hoist is advantageous due to its speed to keep things running efficiently.
  • Unlike manual hoists, You do not have to stand physically close to the loads to be lifted/lowered so it keeps you safe from objects that may be hazardous.
  • If you want to lift a load over 18 metres, an electric chain hoist is ideal for a long lift.
  • This device allows for lifting a heavy load.

What are the popular hoist products?

Yale CPV chain hoist is our best-selling range that offers high-performance, is extremely durable, versatile and affordable, and is made to stand up against tough working environments. It is available in multiple suspension options and different speed choices. Check out these two popular capacities:

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CM Prostar - 250Kg


    CM Lodestar D8+ - 500 kg


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