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Backed by a 25-year warranty, Leatherman has become a classic and generic name for a multitool since 1983. They are proud to stand behind every product that leaves their factory in Portland, Oregon. From the original pocket survival tool to today's robust multi-tools, a Leatherman multi tool is the perfect companion for any outdoor adventurists and DIYers.

The most popular multitools are the Leatherman Wave, Leatherman Charge TTI, Leatherman Surge and the Leatherman Wingman.

Leatherman SURGE vs CHARGE

The Charge (19-in-1) is slightly heavier weighing about 350-400 g and measures just 4-inches when fully closed. The Surge (21-in-1) measures 4.5-inches when closed and weighs 335-350 g. The Blade Exchanger is a new feature for the Surge which holds the blades and saw in position and allows the tools to be swapped out.

Leatherman SURGE vs WAVE +

The Leatherman WAVE+ (18 tools) and SURGE (21 tools) look quite alike but the WAVE+ is quite a lot smaller in size and almost 40% lighter. It means the tools in the WAVE+ are smaller as well allowing you to handle tiny objects effectively, e.g. filing the edge of a thin piece of metal/wood. Thanks to the portable design, you can easily carry it in your pocket or on your belt.

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