• Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III with Fork
  • Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III w/Fork for Cable Suspension
  • Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III with Fork - Angles
  • Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III with Fork - Angles
  • Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III with Fork - Angles

Reutlinger Cable Holder SV III w/Fork

Product No. 393.005.024

*IMPORTANT NOTE* - We require a minimum order value of €100 for all Reutlinger products. Please note if you order less than €100 worth of Reutlinger products, your order will be refunded.

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Reutlinger Cable Holder with Fork - Type 50/66/80 SV III

A selection of Reutlinger Cable Holders fitted with Fork is available in three sizes, used to hold a static load from wire rope without extra tools or damaging the steel rope. They are designed for event technology and rigging.

These Reutlinger cable holders are perfect for applications which require compliance with the accident prevention regulations ''DGUV Regulation 17'' (formerly "BGV C1"), such as stage productions and fair booths. 

NOTE: When exiting the cable holder, the wire rope cannot exceed 5 degrees. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

Safety Precautions & User Manual - Type 50Type 66 and Type 80

Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to use without tools
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • No cable damage
  • Time-saving
  • Secure load suspension due to safety compliance (DGUV Regulation 17)
  • Barely visible in the stage setting due to the non-reflective black coating


Type SWL Overall Length / Fork Opening / Weight
Type 50 4mm Wire - 60 Kg
5mm Wire - 90 Kg
126mm / 14mm / 0.35kg
Type 66 6mm Wire - 135 Kg
6.5mm Wire - 150 Kg
129mm / 16mm / 0.35kg
Type 80 6mm Wire - 135 Kg
8mm Wire - 240Kg
191mm / 20mm / 1.2kg

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