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Doughty Stage Curtain Track/SixTrack Kit - Line Operated System


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 Doughty Stage Curtain Track Kit - Line Operated System 

Doughty Curtain Track, also called Six Track, is a modular stage curtain track system suitable for a wide range of stage and theatre applications, offering a professionally tailored solution to your needs.

This stage curtain track can be straight or curved and the system is operated with an 8mm diameter polyester hauling line. The line can be controlled by hand with a pulley, or with a wall or floor mounted Manual Track Drive, allowing a high level of professionalism.

This curtain track kit includes all the components required to install your chosen one. A typical kit comprises of a track, adjustable support brackets, a nut and bolt set, runners, pulleys, hauling line and line supports.

A Stage Curtain Track Kit (Walkalong System) is also available. 

User Manual - Applications of Doughty Curtain Track - Blog on Doughty Curtain Track

Components of the Stage Curtain Track System (Line-operated)

Stage Curtain Track (Line-operated system)

1. Hauling Line
2. Straight Track
3. T63760 End Stops (2 pairs per kit)
4. T63755 Master runner (1 per kit)
5. Pulleys (1 return & 1 twin head pulley)
6. T63756 Ball raced runners (1 per 300mm of track)
7. T63750 Adjustable support brackets (1 per 1500mm of track)
8. Line support and weighted hand pulley (See User Manual)
9. Fixing Kit (for joining track sections)

Note: Other support brackets and fasteners may be required depending on individual installation methods. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

Also Called Stage Curtain Pulley System

This line-operated curtain track one is also called '''Stage Curtain Pulley System'' as it is involved of different pulleys running the track. The two diagrams below illustrate the system set up in different cases. 

A. For system less than 5m:

Stage Curtain Pulley System Less than 5m

B. For system more than 5m:

Stage Curtain Pulley System More than 5m

Line supports and single guide pulleys are recommended on systems 5.0m and longer. Line support provides support for sagging hauling lines or lines spanning a large distance. It is recommended that pre-stretched polyester cord is used to minimize lines sagging. Single Guide Pulley is used to preventing the hauling lines from sagging and chaffing for trouble-free operation. For more details, please refer to the User Manual attached.

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