• Dirty Rigger Gloves - Comfort Fit™ (Long-lasting work gloves)
  • Dirty Rigger Gloves Comfort Fit™ - Best Rigger Gloves
  • Dirty Rigger Gloves - Comfort Fit™
  • Comfort Grip Rigger Gloves
  • Comfort Grip Rigger Gloves
  • Dirty Rigger Gloves - Comfort Fit™

Dirty Rigger Gloves - Comfort Fit™ (General Use)


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Product Details

Dirty Rigger Gloves ComfortFit™ - Best Rigger Gloves

Dirty Rigger Gloves ComfortFit - Best Rigger Gloves

The ComfortFit™ Rigger Gloves are long-lasting work gloves and also provide your hands with an ultimate comfortable barrier against the manual labour demands of entertainment rigging and production.

The fitted design of Dirty Rigger gloves minimizes snagging and allows you to move your hands as you work. Dirty Rigger has spent much time and research to pinpoint the features that riggers would love in a pair of gloves. The ComfortFit Rigger Gloves are the best-sellers out of their entire line and are currently in their 6th version—the result of implemented professional feedback.

Powered by Mountain Productions, we have over 40 years of experience in the stage production. During performing the strenuous tasks, we need good rigger gloves to look after our hands. Dirty Rigger Gloves are definitely durable work gloves no matter for setting up lights and gear for a video shoot, moving decks and truss, gaffing cables, lifting medium-to-heavy objects or other general uses.

Glove Size Measurement

Features & Benefits


  • Lightweight & flexible for all-day comfort as the rigger gloves are constructed out of breathable materials.
  • Snug fit to minimize snagging as you work 
  • Specially Selected synthetic leather: Not only does it provide extra durability, but it also feels incredibly soft on the skin.
  • Low profile palm padding provides protection against the high vibration tasks that can cause fatigue 


  • Double layered synthetic leather on palm and key wear areas to provide excellent resistance to hard graft and extend the lifespan of the Dirty Rigger gloves
  • Double-stitched seams: Built to last due to its heavy-duty nylon double stitching 
  • Full-Fingered Design: Very tough for lifting heavy stage equipment


  • Neoprene knuckle padding for added strength, mobility and abrasion-resistant
  • Single layered areas allow your hands to move unrestricted.
  • 4-way Stretched Fabric for flexible movement


  • Double-stitched lanyard eyelet on the wrist cuff 
  • Write-on ID Tag
  • Machine-washable at 30˚C
  • 5 Different sizes
  • 181 g for the medium-sized ones

    These gloves are ideal for:

    • General rigging
    • Loading
    • Running cables
    • Film/Set/Scenic
    • Camera operation
    • This pair of Dirty Rigger gloves is intended for general use. If your work is more demanding or requires a specific PPE rating, a glove from our Heavy Duty range may be more suitable.

        Do's and Don'ts of Dirty Rigger Gloves

        • ✘ Tumble Dry
        • ✘ Bleach
        • ✘ Dry Clean
        • ✘ Iron
        • ✔ Machine wash at 30˚C
        • ✔ Keep the gloves in a well-ventilated location or near an open window



              Over 1 million workplace hand injuries occur each year. Of those injuries, 63 % are lacerations. A hand safety policy, along with the use of appropriate hand protection, can reduce most of those injuries from your workplace.


              Dirty Rigger gloves combine protection, durability and comfort with a style which has attracted a worldwide fan base. They select the best possible materials to ensure the strength and suit specific user requirements. Dirty rigger also listens to the customers and keeps improving the products, making them unbeatable rigger gloves on the market. Dirty Rigger gloves are ideal for professionals working in the Outdoor Events, Rigging, Theatrical and TV / Film set industries, amongst many others.


              Dirty Rigger ComfortFit™ is ideal for general rigging, loading, running cables, film/set/scenic and camera operation.

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              Gloves for Profs

              Tough enough for 5-month ground rigging work
              Industry-standard protective gloves. These have saved many hands from being ripped to shreds when rigging decking.
              Being British made is a nice bonus

              Pro. Rigging Gloves

              On tour, our team has to move 1-2 tonnes of equipment to and from our coach! This rigging glove really helps us whilst handling all physical challenges! Most of the crew hadn’t used rigging gloves before but they quickly loved them and recognised their importance in protecting their hands! I chose these ComfortFit gloves because other technicians have repeatedly recommended Dirty Rigger Gloves to me! My second order now👍🏻

              Strong Arm
              Have seen many a gig come through

              They helped me move staging, lights & decks, fix lights, change the odd light bulbs and a lot.
              Now, I'm buying the same pair of Dirty Rigger Gloves for my stagehand bro who is very excited about his new job on stage!

              Dale C.
              Comfort Fit Rigger Gloves

              Comfort Fit Rigger Gloves

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