Elevating Industry Standards: The Power of Reutlinger Wire Suspension Systems

REUTLINGER, now available at MTN SHOP, is the world’s only manufacturer of cable suspension systems that has succeeded in complying with the demands of GS-certification with every product line. Our promise: safety confirmed by the TÜV.

REUTLINGER - Specialist for cable suspensions and attachments

#1 Safe & Permanent Connections

The use of REUTLINGER fastening attachments always results in permanent connections. This is the effect guaranteed by the smart self-locking mechanisms inside the holders. The elements devised specifically for this purpose are based on the following principle:

''The heavier the load – The greater the clamping force.''

As the only TÜV-certified holders out there, REUTLINGER cable holders have the highest and most comprehensive level of TÜV testing with GS-certification, and are highly trusted by producers and consumers.

#2 Flexible, Simple & Aesthetic Suspension Solution

You can hang your objects from any point on the ceiling or wall and also in the middle of the room – in an elegant and space-saving manner. Whether you’re suspending lights or small loads, these holders are infinitely adjustable up and down the cable without tools.


1. Unscrew safety-cap
2. Suppress plunger and slide the holder 
3. Release the plunger and screw down the safety-cap

That´s it.

They won't interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the suspended items, thus not detracting from their visual appeal.

#3 Board Applications

By continually expanding their range of cable holder products, REUTLINGER has been popular among the world market for suspended lighting fixtures and other equipment due to their simplicity. No drilling in the middle of the wall is required! The hanging systems are most suitable for interior design, offices, shops/restaurants, schools, galleries, museums, exhibitions/events etc.

How to Install and Un-install Cable Holders?

The working principle of REUTLINGER® holders is simple enough - the heavier the load, the greater the clamping force. They can be infinitely adjusted without tools, thus allowing luminaires and other objects to be suspended and adjusted in practically no time.

Types of REUTLINGER Cable Grippers

Factors to Consider when Selecting Cable for Holders


#1. Material

If it is only for normal interior use, a zinc-plated cable will be ideal. If you need to hang objects for exterior use and decorative applications, we recommend a stainless steel cable.

#2. Diameter

We select the diameter of a cable depending on the weight of the object. The heavier the object we need to hang, the larger diameter we should use. To make the selection process easier for you, we put together two safe working load tables below.

Chart 1: Safe working loads for type 10/12 holders

Chart 2: Safe working loads for type 15 holders


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