Kask Zenith X HiViz Air Helmet

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Zenith X Hi-Viz Air Helmet - Next-Generation Construction Hard Hat

100% designed and made in Italy, the helmet provides an outstanding fit, high breathability and visibility as well as the highest protection standards, offering the highest level of comfort and safety.

The helmet fits all heads from 52 to 63 cm in diameter. The centre wheel and the two side wings allow a quick and easy adjustment in width, height and tilt. The antibacterial inner padding prevents the development of unpleasant odours.

Like all other Kask Helmets, different visors, lamps and earmuffs can easily be attached to the helmet for unique adaptability to the worker’s

User Manual - Declaration of Conformity

Full Features of Zenith X Hi-Viz Air Helmet

Kask Zenith Helmet
1.Great Ventilation
2.Protection against electric hazards
3.High Visibility
4.Easy Integration of Accessories
5.Adaptive Fit
6.Ring to Hook
7.Chin Strap
8.Dry+ Fabric
9.Washable Pad

Full Explanations:

1. Great Ventilation due to 8 air intakes: High breathability due to the volume of circulating air inside the helmet and the minimum contact surface with the head.
2. Protection against electric hazards: EN-50365 Certified. It also offers protection against potential contact during working with live or close to live parts on low voltage installations not exceeding 1000 C a.c. or 1500 V d.c.
3. High Visibility Shell & Lamp Clips: Fluorescent colour shell with adhesive reflecting stickers and strong nylon external luminescent lamp compatible with all headlamps with elastic bands.

4. Easy Integration of Accessories
- Frontal Accessory Slot: For badge holders, headlamps, cap cover for debris protection etc
- Easy Click System: To enable visor adapters to mount face protection and eye protection to a helmet.
- Earmuff Slots: Provided with integrated slots for earmuffs with bayonet attachment.
- Earplug Holders: Lamp clips designed with secure earplug holders for easy access to sound suppression.
- Strong Nylon External Lamp Clips: Compatible with all headlamps with elastic bands on the market
5. Adaptive Fit System:
An integration of three components enabling all-day comfort. A new, double diameter dial allows for even easier size adjustments while side wings ensure a secure fit against the back of the head. The latest, patented Up & Down X technology
6. Ring To Hook: Fitted with a special loop on the chin strap which allows the helmet to be connected to a safety harness
7. EN397 Chinstrap: Chinstrap designed with eco-leather, a synthetic leather made using sustainable materials and processes, that provides high degrees of comfort and significantly reduces irritation to the skin. Hypoallergenic and washable.
8. Dry+ Fabric Technology: Advanced composite fabric integrated with Hydrocool® moisture-wicking technology and exceptionally soft textiles for enhanced user comfort. Infused with a deodorizing silver ion treatment.
9. Padding: Removable and washable inner padding.
10. Lateral Adjustment Divider: Chinstrap designed with an updated lateral adjustment divider with additional adjustment point for a more precise fit. New fastener is KASK signature lime for added visibility and enhanced ease of use.
11. Hi-Viz Nameplate: Designed with a high visibility nameplate for easy identification on the back of the helmet.


  • EXTERNAL SHELL: Lightweight HD Polypropylene shell with exponential better performance. Excels in impact absorption, especially at lower temperatures (-30ºC). Resists yellowing and degradation.
  • INTERNAL SHELL: High-density inner shell component that provides stronger side impact absorption, coupled with a low-density inner core optimized for protection from top impacts.
  • HEADBAND: Soft PA Nylon
  • SIZE: Universal-adjustable from 52 to 63 cm
  • WEIGHT: 490 g
  • STANDARD: EN 397, EN 50365 (Class 0), EN 12492 (Protection against top, front, rear and side impacts. Clause 4.2.1 shock energy absorption capacity ; Clause 4.2.1 ventilation ; Clause 4.2.2 penetration)
  • 3-Year GUARANTEE
  • 10-Year SHELF LIFE

  • Zenith X HiViz Air Helmet Accessories

    Zenith X collection has a fantastic range of helmet accessories including visors, earmuffs, neck shades, lamp clips and more. All the face protections can be easily mounted and interchanged with an innovative integrated mount system for unique adaptability to the worker’s needs. Discover the full list of KASK Zenith X accessories now.

    V I S O R S


    • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Clear
    • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Smoke
    • KASK Zenith Visor - ZEN Silver Mirror
    • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Clear Visor + Visor Adapter (See no. 4)

    Kask Visor Mesh
    • KASK Zenith Visor (Plastic Mesh) - ZEN PM
    • KASK Zenith Visor (Metal Mesh) - ZEN MM
    • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Metal Mesh Visor + Visor Adapter (See no.4) + Visor Carrier (See no.6)

      Kask Visor Zenith
      • KASK Zenith Visor - Zen FF Clear Style
      • KASK Zenith Visor - Zen FF Smoke Style
      • KASK Zenith Visor Air - Zen FF Air Clear Style
      • KASK Zenith Visor Air - Zen FF Air Smoke Style
      • KASK Zenith Visor Kit - Zen FF Clear Visor + Visor Adapter (See no.4) + Visor Carrier (See no.6)


      Kask Visor Zenith
      (To connect the visor to the Zenith helmet)

        Kask Carrier Zenith

        (To install Zen FF, Zen MM and Zen PM to the Zenith helmet)
          Kask Visor Peak Zenith
          (To keep rain from the visor Zen FF, Zen MM, and Zen PM)

            E A R M U F F S

            Kask Zenith Earmuffs
            • KASK Earmuffs - Low to Medium Level of Noise (Green)
            • KASK Earmuffs - Medium to High Level of Noise (Yellow)
            • KASK Earmuffs - Very High Level of Noise (Orange)
            Kask Zenith Earmuffs padding

              N E C K  S H A D E S

              Kask Zenith Neckshades
              • KASK Zenith Neckshades (Grey)
              • KASK Zenith Neckshades (Orange)

              L A M P  C L I P S


              Kask Zenith Lampclip


                O T H E R S


                Kask Zenith Padding



                Kask Zenith Winter Padding



                Kask Safety Helmet Bag

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