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Men's Work Trousers

Mens Work Trousers

Our tough workwear is designed to protect professional tradesmen, whatever the weather, from working in tough environments. They come in multiple sizes and colours. Whether you are a craftsman, an industrial worker, a road & construction worker, a plumber or an electrician, you should choose those that last. So choose our workwear.
•Mens Stretch Work Trousers: Our range covers different levels of stretch capability, offering workers great freedom of movement. The stretch work trousers are so flexible and comfortable that you won't want to take them off.
Mens Hi Vis Work Trousers: Mens High visibility protective gear provides workers with added safety, allowing them to be seen from all directions when working in the dark.
Mens Holster Pocket Work Trousers: Located on both sides, holster pockets also known as nail pockets are designed to carry every-day tools and accessories. They can be tucked into front pockets when not in use.
Mens Work Trousers with Knee Pads: Do you often work on your knees? Then our certified work trousers with knee pads are your essentials that protect your knees from injuries. Focus on your strenuous tasks and let our gear look after your safety.

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