• Type A Chainsaw Trousers
  • Type A Chainsaw Trousers
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Arbortec Breatheflex Chainsaw Trousers Type A - Multiple Leg Sizes

Product No. AT4010-LI/BK-L/REG

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Arbortec Breatheflex Type A Chainsaw Trousers

Breatheflex chainsaw trousers have been designed with the arborists and foresters in mind.

They are 6-way stretch, incredibly comfortable and breathable while retaining good abrasion and snag resistance thanks to the outer shell made from Climasphere breathable fabrics. Featuring lightweight yet strong Dyneema® and Kevlar®, you will be fully protected when using a saw. Multiple leg sizes are available.

It is a Type A trouser (saw protection to the front) and the protection is rated to:

  • AT4010 - Class 1 (20 m/s) EN 381-5
  • AT4020 - Class 2 (24 m/s) EN 381-5 [Leg protection is covered under EN381-5]

Sizing (cm & inch)


Type A Chainsaw Trousers Explained

Unlike Type C chainsaw trousers with all-round protection, type A chainsaw trousers protect the front of the legs, suitable for ground workers and firewood cutters.

Type A chainsaw trousers are more lightweight, providing ease of movement and comfort especially in hot conditions.

They can be worn over traditional workwear or as a pair of ordinary trousers.

Class 1 or Class 2?

Class 1 products are tested with a chainsaw speed of 20m/s while class 2 products at 24m/s. For instance, if a piece of clothing can resist a chainsaw moving at a speed of 20 m/s, then it is classified as Class 1.

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