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Pallet Trucks or Stacker Trucks

by Sarah Simonovich April 05, 2019

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Pfaff-Silberblau’s Machinery: What’s the Difference Between Pallet Trucks and Stacker Trucks?

Pallet trucks, an essential fixture in any yard or warehouse, play an important role in the success of any business. Finding the right pallet truck can, however, be a tricky and time-consuming process involving in-depth research. Stacker trucks, in the same way, require just as much research, if not more, since they are a more complex version of pallet truck.

In order to alleviate this hassle, we are here to explain the differences between Pfaff-Silberblau products and the benefits that each one offers. If you are in the market for a pallet truck but are unsure if your business will benefit from the investment, check out our top 4 reasons to purchase a pallet truck here.

What is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck is a manually operated industrial lift used for low height lifting of no more than 20cm. Pallet trucks are perfect for warehouse usage as they are designed to lift a pallet off the ground and move it to another location, essentially making transportation easier.

At MTN SHOP, we supply pallet trucks from Pfaff-Silberblau, a division of Columbus McKinnon. Below is a list of our recommended pallet truck products.

Hand Pallet Truck with Quick-Lift

With a capacity of 2000kg, the Hand Pallet Truck with Quick-Lift is ideal for the professional transportation of palletized goods and box pallets under demanding conditions. This hand pallet truck provides ultimate ease of use with a steering angle of 105 degrees to each side, allowing for easy operation in confined spaces. What’s more, as it is equipped with an ergonomic safety control handle, it is suitable for one-handed operation.

Pfaff Hand Pallet Truck with Quick-Lift


Hand Pallet Truck with Extended Forks

With a capacity of 2000kg, the Hand Pallet Truck with Extended Forks is designed for the professional transportation of long palletized goods under demanding conditions. Weighing just 97kg, and with a steering angle of 105 degrees, this truck allows for easy handling in confined spaces. Equipped with frame and forks in robust steel construction, adjustable connecting rods and a high-quality powder coating, this pallet truck is guaranteed to have a long-life expectancy.  

Pfaff Hand Pallet Truck with Extended Forks

Electric Pallet Truck (Model EGU PS 22AC)

An electric pallet truck is a perfect fit for companies working within a warehouse environment for long haul and medium to high workload applications. In particular, the Electric Pallet Truck (Model EGU PS 22AC) has the capacity to handle loads of up to 2200kg and operates on a 210 Ah traction battery for long working cycles. This compact and agile pallet truck is also equipped with a creep speed button allowing for pinpoint work in confined spaces.



Hand Pallet Truck with Electric Drive (Model EGU 15N JOKER)

If your work requires little heavy lifting, then the Hand Pallet Truck with Electric Drive (Model EGU 15N Joker) is the perfect fit for you. With a capacity of 1500kg, this pallet truck is ideal for internally transporting goods over short distances. Due to its compact dimensions and easy handling, the EGU 15N Joker is a real alternative to a standard hand pallet truck.

Pfaff Hand Pallet Truck with Electric Drive

What is a Stacker Truck?

If pallet trucks are not the right fit for your company, there’s an entirely different category of machinery to choose from: stacker trucks. A stacker truck, as opposed to a pallet truck, can make higher lifts of up to 5 metres. The machine is a combination of a pallet jack and a lift truck and is designed for stacking items and storing them in warehouses.

At MTN SHOP, our recommended stacker trucks from Pfaff-Silberblau are perfect for higher lifting and storage. Below is a list of products we believe are the best for stacking pallets or unit loads.


Manual Hydraulic Stacker 500kg (Model HV 0516)

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for warehousing and light manufacturing applications, the Manual Hydraulic Stacker (Model HV 0516) is the ideal machine for you. With a maximum lifting height of 1600mm, the Hydraulic Stacker is designed for the stacking and transporting of palletized goods, operated by a single person.

Pfaff Manual Hydraulic Stacker 500kg


Manual Stacker 1000kg (Model HV 1016)

As the name suggests, the Manual Stacker 1000kg (Model HV 1016) can hold loads of up to 1000kg. This model provides an impressive lifting height of 1600mm and can quick lift for loads up to 100kg. Some excellent features of this Manual Stacker include its forced steering rollers for easy handling, and its single-acting hand pump which increases lift height with every hand stroke.

Pfaff Manual Stacker 1000kg

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Sarah Simonovich
Sarah Simonovich