4 Reasons You Need a Power Pallet Truck

If you’re in the market for a pallet truck but aren’t quite sure that you need one, keep reading. Power pallet trucks—and manual pallet trucks—are an excellent investment for any business. In fact, they are an essential part of any warehouse workplace.

These trucks serve several uses in a workplace and can help benefit your business and employees many ways. We rounded up four reasons why you need a pallet truck in your warehouse and offer some great options from one of our top brands: Yale.

Pallet Truck Safety 101

Investing in a pallet truck can, as you’ll see, significantly increase workplace productivity. But, with all machinery comes risk. It’s important to be aware that nearly 1/3 of workplace accidents are related to transport.

Operating pallet trucks in reverse is often the cause of workplace accidents. When possible, use signage to indicate forklift vs. pedestrian pathways. Always be aware of your surroundings and look out for pedestrians and coworkers when operating pallet trucks and forklifts.

When operated correctly and safely, pallet trucks are an excellent investment for your business. We use them at MTN, and our warehouse manager, Rob attests to the benefits for day-to-day work.

“With the electric pallet jack all you have to do is press a button—there’s no pushing or pulling involved. And with fork lifts, we’re able to easily move products from our warehouse onto trucks without putting stress on our bodies.”

Not convinced yet? Here are our top four reasons that you need a power pallet truck:

4) Cost Effective Option

Pallet trucks—also called pallet jacks—are a cost-effective alternative to sit-in forklifts. Pallet jacks are a great way to provide your employees with the means to safely and efficiently move product without investing in the larger, costlier forklift option.

Yale’s EGU PS 22AC Electric Pallet Truck can handle loads up to 2,200 kg and operate on a 210 Ah traction battery for long working cycles! For a lighter weight option, the EGU 15N Joker Electric Pallet Truck can handle 1,500 kg loads. With these options, you can save money while still handling a large amount of product.


EGU 15N Joker Electric Pallet Truck 

3) Boost in Profits

Investing in equipment that enables employees to move more product quicker and safer means your profits will go up. With more product movement taking place in the warehouse, you’ll be sending out more orders each day than ever before. More products move out and more profit comes in.

Yale offers great manual pallet jack options! We sell:

Hand_Pallet_Truck_With_Low_Height_Forks_Yale HU 15-115 FTP PROLINE Hand Pallet Truck With Low Height Forks

    2) Increases Productivity

    Save your workers time and yourself money by investing in a pallet jack. Manual pallet jacks increase efficiency by providing workers with the tools they need to move larger amounts of product at once

    If you operate a warehouse where stacking products is required, Yale offers both manual and hand-operated lift equipment to help your employees stack equipment safely. These include:

    Yale HV 1016 AND 1008 Manual Drive Stacker
    HV 1016 AND 1008 Manual Drive Stacker

      1) Increases Employee Safety

      This is our number one reason to invest in a Yale pallet truck. With the addition of either manual or electric pallet jacks, employees are less likely to become injured on the job. These tools lessen the strain on the body—when used correctly—and will decrease the chances of an employee overworking their body.

      Providing a safe working environment leads to happier employees which in turn increases productivity, by investing in this product you are investing in your business as a whole.

      Now that you’re armed with knowledge, you can shop with confidence! Check out our selection of Yale Pallet Trucks today.