MTN's Range Of Must-Have Chain Hoist Accessories

When it comes to lifting heavy loads with precision and safety, having the right equipment is paramount. MTN is proud to offer a comprehensive range of chain hoist accessories designed to enhance the performance, efficiency, and safety of your lifting operations. Our range of accessories, including industry leading chain bags and sliders, are engineered with precision and built to withstand the rigors of demanding work environments.

In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the key chain hoist accessories offered by MTN and how they can elevate your lifting capabilities to new heights.


The MTN Chain Slider:

"The most efficient cable management system"


Proper cable management is an important aspect of every successful production, especially with the growing complexity of modern productions emphasizing the “wow factor." Mismanaged cables are never a good thing as they can get easily tangled, which leads to damaged equipment. Additionally, they can create an unsafe work environment.

When using electric chain hoists for technical show moves, chain sliders are an easy, clean solution when managing cable systems. With this in mind, we created our own revolutionary chain slider purposefully built with adaptability at the forefront.


The MTN Chain Slider is an ergonomically-designed chain slider for use with most brands of electric chain hoists. While other chain hoist sliders are designed to work with only one chain size, the MTN Chain Slider can be used on a variety of chains, giving you a true all-in-one solution.


"Our focus when designing MTN gear is to provide our customers with the high-quality products that lasts. We strive for adaptable functionality without the premium cost for optimum accessibility."
- Marty Wesstrom, Mountain Productions’ Senior Vice President of Global Rigging Sales


The MTN Chain Slider comes equipped with an interchangeable insert system that offers ultimate adaptability. Choose to use just the body or incorporate one of three different inserts to suit your chain size needs. MTN Chain Slider inserts are designed with standard chain sizes in mind for precise fitting and can be easily switched out if your chain size changes.

See below the sizing of each of the inserts which are colour coordinated for easy identification:

  • Body — 1.38in (34.93mm)
  • Yellow — 1.06in (27mm)
  • Blue — 0.88in (22.23mm)
  • Red — 0.56in (14.3mm)

Efficient Cable Management: MTN CS

 MTN Chain Slider


How to Use MTN Chain Sliders

The MTN Chain Slider is a no tools required solution for cable management and using them is easy.



Fit the hoist chain inside the chain slider (use the insert appropriate for your chain size), then tie the chain slides to the hoist cable(s) spaced 4’ - 5’ apart (spacing varies depending the application). Cable anchors can be a variety of methods, including zip ties, nylon strapping with a dog clip, quick link, or a carabiner.

When the hoist is operational, the sliders can rotate freely while stacking, resulting in coiled cables every time you rig.

The MTN Chain Slider is available as body only or as a complete kit with all three inserts. We also sell all three MTN Chain Slider inserts individually if you only require a specific size to go with your chain slider body.


MTN Chain Hoist Bags:

In house, we’ve been manufacturing chain bags for years! Our chain bags are manufactured using a heavy vinyl mesh for increased durability and have a reinforced steel frame opening to ensure easy filtering of chain in and out of the bag.

Check out our two most popular chain bags at MTN SHOP - The Round Chain Hoist Bag and The Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag.


MTN Round Chain Hoist Bag:

The Round Chain Hoist Bag features a circular opening for easy chain filtering. 

When looking for a reliable chain hoist bag, you can trust MTN to provide the exact size and style you require, made with the quality that we are known for. 


Features & Specs

  • Made of durable & heavy duty vinyl mesh
  • Reinforced with nylon strapping to prevent chain blowouts
  • Attached to the hoist via an eyebolt and quick link (sold separately)


To determine what size bag will meet your needs, see the chart below.  V1/Small Frame Hoists use 1/4" chain, while V2/Large Frame hoists use 5/16" chain:


Max Lift
Bag Size Item # 1/4" Chain 5/16" Chain
13" MPRB13S 40' 20'
16" MPRB16S 60' 30'
20" MPRB20S 100' 70'



MTN Round Chain Hoist Bag


MTN Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag:

The Double Hook Chain Bag has two 7/16” genuine CM steel snap hooks that attach to the Mountain Productions' Double Hook Chain Bag Bracket (MPDH) installed to the hoist body. The Double Hook Chain Bag can be used both indoors and outdoors and in either the motor up or down positions.


Features & Specs:

  • Made of durable & heavy duty vinyl mesh
  • Dual sewn edging helps extend the life span of chain bag
  • Steel frame opening allows chain to easily enter and exit bag during usage
  • Reinforced with nylon strapping to prevent chain blowouts
  • Designed for any application


The chart below will help you determine which size bag is right for your application, based on the type of hoist (V1/Small Frame hoists use 1/4" chain, V2/Large Frames use 5/16", and the model RRS uses 10mm) and the maximum lift you require:

Max Chain Capacity
Size Item # 1/4" Chain 5/16" Chain 10mm Chain
13" MPDH13S 40' 20' 10'
16" MPDH16S 60' 30' 20'
20" MPDH20S 100' 70' 55'
25" MPDH25S 130' 100' 70'
32" MPDH32S N/A 120' 90'
36" MPDH36S N/A 160' 130'
40" MPDH40S N/A 200' 150'



MTN Double Hook Chain Hoist Bag


Check out this video of our double hook chain hoist bag in action:


Chain Hoist Weather Cover:

When inclement weather strikes, you don’t want your valuable chain hoists exposed to the elements. Our rigging department created a simple solution for protecting chain hoist motors that are outdoors. Guard your investment with MTN’s hoist weather covers. Our weather covers are domestically manufactured at our own softgoods shop in Wilkes-Barre, PA. We have extensive experience designing chain bags and weather protection, and the hoist weather cover is a practical product that increases the longevity of your hoists.


Perfect for seasonal and permanent installations, our weather covers fit easily over the top of the motor to form a barrier from all types of weather conditions. The hoist weather cover is made of durable and high strength solid vinyl and is sealed with Velcro. 


Chain Hoist Weather Cover for CM Lodestar & Prostar Hoists

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