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MTN Chain Slider

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MTN Chain Slider - Effective Chain Hoist Cable Management

Chain sliders, also known as chain runners or chain crawlers, are designed as a cable management device. Our revolutionary MTN Chain Slider (MTN CS) was developed by the in-house engineers and product specialists to address the current problems - No adjustability due to a fixed size.

Watch the video to discover our MTN CS - the economical, efficient and safe solution for cable management when using electric hoists. 


The MTN CS is an ergonomically-designed chain slider for use with most brands of electric chain hoists, including the CM Lodestar and Prostar. Its revolutionary interchangeable insert system allows all standard chain sizes to fit precisely. 

With this novel feature, carrying and tracking multiples sizes of chain sliders are no longer needed. Only one set of MTN Chain Slider can be used for a variety of chains, cable wire ropes or synthetic lines used in hoisting devices, giving you a true all-in-one solution.

Supplied with or without MTN Chain Slider InsertsFor any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 


Features & Benefits:

  • Low Friction HDPE Material:
    Allowing for the sliders to freely rotate while stacking resulting in neatly coiled cables every time you rig.
  • No tools required for installation or removal
    Minimizing the difficult and hazardous situations, e.g. installing or removing chain sliders from significant heights above a stage 
  • Cost-Saving:
    Interchangeable inserts dramatically reduce cost and redundancy in your fleet 
  • Universal:
    Works with all brands of electric chain hoists or chain motors.


  • Sizes of the inserts:
    Yellow: 5/16" (7.94mm)
    Blue: 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Red: 0.157" (3.99mm)
    NOTE: Inserts can be ordered separately
  • Recommend to use MTN CS every one meter

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