MTN SHOP Welcomes VMB and Kuzar lifting towers to

MTN SHOP is pleased to introduce two internationally-recognized brands to our global sales network. VMB and Kuzar towerlifts are now available on our EMEA e-commerce site,

At MTN, we value product ingenuity, material quality, and safety. With these core values in mind, we are excited to include products from Valencia, Spain-based Audiovisual manufacturers VMB and Kuzar.


VMB has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of towerlifts for industry professionals since 1986. They are known worldwide for their product and manufacturing excellence. Since every aspect of the manufacturing process occurs in their factory, from research and development through the assembly, all lifts, truss, and other equipment are produced with complete oversight. 

You can now find these VMB products on our website.


The TE-086 top load lifting tower is the most powerful of VMB’s telescopic series, capable of lifting up to 300kg to 6.5m in height. This particular model is incredibly stable and has incomparable resistance, thanks to its five large profiles. The TE-086 features an automatic lock system (ALS) that guarantees safety for the lifter.

VMB Tower Lift-TE086

VMB Tower Lift-TE086


The TL-054 front load lifter is a compact and easy to handle lifting tower designed to lift heavy loads from the ground and keep them at high altitudes. This model has a maximum load capacity of 220kg and a max height of 5.45m. The TL-054 has two adjustable steel load forks to support loads either on top or of hung underneath. The TL-054 features the inertial pendulum ILS safety system as well as a special SRS Retentor system.


For over 15 years, Kuzar has been dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of structures and lifting towers for the Audiovisual industry. Since the very beginning, they have continually been implementing improvements and innovations to their truss lifts, and work with a team who put their all into producing the final product.

You can now find these affordable truss lift stands from Kuzar on our website.

Kuzar K-1 Tower Lift

This “telescopic,” best-selling truss lift stand can lift trussing and light structures both indoors and outdoors. The K-1 Tower Lift has four folding legs that open easily and, being ultra-lightweight, is easily transported.

Kuzar K-1 Tower Lift

Kuzar K-5 Tower Lift

Kuzar’s K-5 Tower Lift is a mid-range lift designed to list loads of 250kg. With a larger base of steel and four wider steel profiles, more stability and strength are highlights of this product. Also featuring four legs, adjustable rubber anti-slip saucers and an automatic KAT trigger provide extra safety measures.                     

Kuzar Elevator Tower K-50 

Standing at 5.95m, this classic, compact tower incorporates new features including the two-position KAT trigger as well. This trigger protects your load in the event of a cable break. The Elevator Tower K-50 is made of aluminum multipurpose towers and is able to lift structures including audio PA’s and line array systems. 

We’re excited to announce these latest additions to our entertainment industry inventory. Shop these lift towers and more at