MTN SHOP Introduces Kuzar Tower Lifts to the EU Distribution Network

One of our recent launches is a few top-of-the-line Tower Lifts from Kuzar, a company located in Valencia, Spain.

With more than 15 years in the field, Kuzar knows what you need on a day-to-day basis. They have constantly been implementing improvements and innovations to their truss lifts, and work with a team who put their all into producing the final product.

Specializing in all kinds of metal structures, all Kuzar products come with a two-year guarantee. With Kuzar, you can’t find another product to match their quality, security, and price. Like us, their team is dedicated to providing only the best to their customers, and we’re proud to add their product to our online store.

If you’re looking for affordable truss lift stand options, look no further than Kuzar. You can find these products at

K-1 Tower Lift: Lightweight for Convenient Transport

This “telescopic,” best-selling truss lift stand can lift trussing and light structures both indoors and outdoors. The K-1 Tower Lift has four folding legs that open easily and, being ultra-lightweight, is easily transported.

Kuzar Tower Lift K1

K-5 Tower Lift - Extra Stability

Kuzar’s K-5 Tower Lift is a mid-range lift designed to lift loads of 250kg. With a larger base of steel and four wider steel profiles, more stability and strength are highlights of this product.

Also featuring four legs, adjustable rubber anti-slip saucers, and an automatic KAT trigger provide extra safety measures.

Kuzar Tower Lift K5

Kuzar Tower Lift K5 - Application

See the Kuzar K-5 Tower Lift in action at A08 Art of Eight Muay Thai Fight Night in Malaysia.          

Kuzar K-50 - Line Array Lift

Standing at 5.95 m, this classic, compact tower incorporates new features including the two-position KAT trigger as well. This trigger protects your load in the event of a cable break. The Elevator Tower K-50 is made of aluminum multipurpose towers and is able to lift structures including audio Pas and line array systems. 

Kuzar Tower Lift K50

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new addition to our site, and we know you’ll love their products! Shop Tower lifts in our online store at