Dirty Rigger Now Available in EMEA

After carefully listening to your feedback we decided to bring the Dirty Rigger products to EMEA. The wait is finally over for our customers across Europe, Middle East and Africa, we are pleased to announce that we now offer the Dirty Rigger brand across 4 continents!


Although the Rolling Stones taught us that “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” it seems there is an exception to the rule. When it comes to Dirty Rigger you always get what you want… and you get what want you need! All great song references aside, Dirty Rigger products are a combination of both comfort and protection, which makes them superior to any other rigging gear on the market. On top of that, the design is amazing too!


Look at Dirty Rigger SRT Firm Grip Work Gloves, our favourite piece, aren’t they stunning? Specifically designed for entertainment riggers, these gloves are a perfect choice in wet weather. Silicon embossed palm and fingers for lock-on grip makes it easy to grasp any tools you need onsite. Exceptional wet and dry grip, motion-flexible reinforcement bars, micro-perforated ventilation, durable synthetic leather palm base is just a sample of all the amazing features they have. Do we need to say even more?


Dirty Rigger offers not only best-selling rigger gloves. The Dirty Rigger water-resistant tool bag with padded walls keeps all the tools you need onsite organised and protected while offering 12l of space. Do you always have full hands? Dirty Rigger bag is designed in a way that one-handed access to all 11 inner tool slots is a piece a cake. Seatbelt-style strap and shoulder pad makes it comfortable and easy to carry even heavy items in your bag.


Do you work long hours onsite and feel like a squeezed orange when wearing your tool belt? This Dirty Rigger Tool Belt (Utility Belt) is just for you. The extra-wide padded belt-back and breathable mesh ensure all-day stability and comfort. Being narrowed at the front and the sides, the Dirty Rigger tool belt minimizes bulk and restricted movement. It should also come as no surprise that the tool belt is compatible with the wide range of Dirty Rigger tool bags.


Who would carry tons of tools onsite when you can have just one? This Dirty Rigger multi-tool will suit you like nothing else. Specifically designed with entertainment riggers’ needs in mind, the multi-tool offers 14 different tools at once. The Dirty Rigger multi-tool has covered everyone working with scaff, lighting and sound equipment specifically for securing wingnuts and associated clamps. Learn more about all its features here.


Did you get a taste for Dirty Rigger products? Why not check out the full range of Dirty Rigger products here? Stay tuned not to miss any updates or promotions!