Chain Hoist Cable Management with MTN Chain Slider

Given the growing complexity of modern productions, the need for proper cable management is at an all-time high. The more moving parts that are involved on stage or behind-the-scenes, the bigger issue cable mismanagement becomes. Mismanaged cables can cause tangling, which leads to damaged equipment, as well as an unsafe work environment.

When using electric chain hoists, chain sliders also called chain runners are an easy, clean solution when managing cable systems. For a completely adaptable solution, we created our own revolutionary chain slider purposefully built to meet the needs of modern live event, film, and theatre production.

MTN Chain Slider Addressing the Current Cable Management Issues

The existing chain sliders on the market only work with one size of chain with no adjustability, meaning users have to carry and track multiple sizes of chain sliders. Also, many chain sliders require tools for installation or removal. To picture a stage production situation, an operator has to install or remove chain sliders from significant heights above a stage. This is difficult and hazardous.

This brought to the birth of MTN Chain Slider (CS).

Benefit #1: No Tools Required

The full MTN CS assembly consists of a body assembly (black) and an insert (blue). This simple design allows users to assemble and disassemble the chain slider quickly and easily without tools. It means your stage production time is shortened and the danger of installing & removing chain sliders from significant heights above a stage can be reduced.

MTN Chain Slider

 Benefit #2: Fit Different Standard Chain Sizes

The novel feature of MTN CS is an interchangeable insert system. It allows the chain slider to adapt different size chain, cable wire rope, and synthetic rope (line) used in hoisting devices.

With three different inserts, you can customize your chain slide to fit your needs, even if your chain size changes down the road. The MTN chain slider inserts are designed with standard chain sizes in mind for precise fitting. Additionally, the inserts are colour coordinated for easy identification:

  • Body — 34.93mm
  • Yellow — 27mm, for a large-sized chain
  • Blue — 22mm, for a medium-sized chain
  • Red — 14mm, for a small-sized chain
MTN Chain Slider - Cable Management


More Benefits

Both the chain slider body assembly and three types of inserts are made from an incredibly durable low-friction HDPE material.

This ergonomically-designed chain slider is for use with most brands of electric chain hoists, including the CM Lodestar and Prostar. It gives you a true all-in-one solution. 

Our focus when designing MTN gear is to provide our customers with high-quality products that last. We strive for adaptable functionality without the premium cost for optimum accessibility 
- Marty Wesstrom, Mountain Productions’ Director of Global Rigging Sales


How to Use MTN Chain Sliders

The MTN CS is an easy cable management solution that requires no tools for set-up and disassembly. The hoist chain fits inside the chain slider (use the insert appropriate for your chain size). Then, tie the chain slides to the hoist cable(s) spaced 1—2 metres apart (spacing varies depending on the application). You can use a variety of methods to anchor the cables, including zip ties, nylon strapping with a dog clip, quick link, or a carabiner.

When the hoist is operational, the sliders can rotate freely while stacking, resulting in coiled cables every time you rig.

The MTN Chain Slider is available as body only or as a complete kit with all three inserts. We also sell all three MTN CS inserts individually if you only need a specific size to go with your chain slider body.

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