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Knee Pads for Work

For most plumbers, builders, heating engineers, or plasterers, you usually work on your knees for extended periods of time that could be damaging them. Fortunately, you can avoid all this by simply investing in professional knee pads.

Knee pads are designed to safeguard against impact and provide cushioning when kneeling. Good knee pads should stay firmly in position to ensure effective knee protection. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these knee pads for work and see how they can benefit you.

How to Pick the Correct Knee Pads?

#4032 #4058 #4027 #4057
Heavy-duty; Extended use Heavy-duty Heavy-duty Flexible & lightweight; Occasional use
Ideal for trousers with standard/wider fit or larger size Ideal for trousers with narrow fit or small size
N/A (Not compatible with kneepad pockets 4067) Also used with shorts (together with kneepad pockets 4067)
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