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Waterproof Work Trousers

[FREE shipping on Blaklader over EUR50.] Inclement weather can make working outdoors tough, unproductive and dispiriting. Getting soaked during power-washing or cold store tasks isn't much better! Our selection of Waterproof Work Trousers will shield you from the rain while you do your job, so you can perform at your best.


Generally, a minimum of 5,000mm is good for working in cold with some snow but clear conditions. 5-10,000mm is ideal for those who spend long days out in all weather conditions; while 10-20,000mm is best for those in wetter climates.

  • 5,000mm: This is the minimum rating for a trouser to be called rainproof, however, it won’t stand up to much more than a light shower.
  • 10,000mm – 15,000mm: Many Blaklader Waterproof Work Trousers fall into this range. A garment in this range will withstand most downpours as well as heavy snow, but will soak through over time if subjected to pressure, such as crashing in wet snow, kneeling or sitting down, or a heavy pack.
  • 20,000mm and Up: This is the rating you should look for if you plan to be out in all conditions carrying a heavy load
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