Xenon Fever Defence – Simple & Effective Facial Temperature Screening

With schools, businesses and public amenities beginning to reopen, the health and safety of all, is now more than ever of paramount importance. As a result, we are delighted to be introducing the Xenon Fever Defence Temperature Screening Unit to our online shop. This new wave technology is a standalone screening solution designed to instil confidence in employees, customers and the wider general public.  

How Does Xenon Fever Defence Work? 

The Xenon Fever Defence is a standalone facial temperature screening solution that can screen users at a distance of 30-80cm in less than a secondThis system can capture early signs of fever and provides an accurate reading to +/- 0.3°C. When a user with an elevated temperature is screened, a red light will appear, and an audible message delivered along with a warning alarm sound. This easy to install unit is simple to operate and does not require the use of WIFI or an internet connection.  

Xenon Fever Defence Temperature Screening UnitXenon Fever Defence Temperature Screening Unit

Xenon Fever Defence 

Xenon Features & Benefits 

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Keep your business and customers safe with this easy to install Xenon temperature screening solution. For further information or to purchase the Xenon Fever Defence visit MTN SHOP, email us at info@shopmtn.eu or give us a call at +353 1691 7930.