VMB Lifts Offer Efficiency and labour Reduction for Lighting and Sound Companies

Since 1986, VMB  has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of towerlifts for industry professionals. Based out of Valencia, Spain, they create all of their products in-house. From the earliest stages of design to the manufacture, everything happens within their 6,000 square foot Valencia factory.

With all R&D and manufacturing occurring under one roof, VMB has complete control over the entire production. With such stringent supervision, you are guaranteed lifting towers and other products that meet European standards in material, manufacturing, and safety.

At MTN Shop, we know the demands of the entertainment industry, and we recognize the importance of time and efficiency when loading in light and sound on any size gig. That’s why we are so proud to introduce VMB lifting tower products to our Dublin-based shopmtn.eu. We first came across VMB when loading into Prolight + Sound Trade Show in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a two man crew loading in a 5x4 reticular Prolyte Verto truss structure. With the lifters, our team was able to build this 3m 4 post trade booth with just the two of them in less than an hour and then load the structure out in half that time. Without these lifters, our crew would have had to be double the size in order to erect a simple structure and this was on a single job. Products like the VMB Tower lifters can change the way a company works on site allowing for fewer people in more places. These tools can allow a small business to grow or an established business to continue to thrive. 



As both a distributor of production equipment, a staging and rigging company MTN sees the value in equipment that is based on safety and efficiency. For our industry, VMB products exemplify both. Both MTN and VMB have distribution networks that span the globe and we’re excited to join forces with VMB to distribute some of their product line on our ecommerce platform.


VMB Towerlifts Provide Audiovisual Support

Lifting towers are the solution for a number of industries, particularly those in live event and film production. Whether you’re looking to construct a temporary, but stable structure such as this marquee dome see below or are looking to lift speakers above the crowd at a music festival, VMB and MTN offer innovative solutions for your events.
Depending on your application and demands, you may require telescopic lifts, line array lifts, a front load lifter, or one of VMB’s other types of products. These lifting towers, designed to be used for on the ground lifting, may be ideal for raised lighting, sound systems, and trusses. Front load lifters, in particular, are ideal for lifting speakers.

Here are some VMB products you can now find on shopmtn.eu, including front load lifts and top load lifts:

TE-086 Lifting Tower

The TE-086 top load lifting tower is the most powerful of VMB’s telescopic series, capable of vertically lifting loads (such as truss and lighting equipment) up to 300kg to 6.5m in height. This particular model is incredibly stable and has incomparable resistance, thanks to its five large profiles. Despite its durability and weight of 129kg, the TE-086 is incredibly easy to move with its 4 rotating wheels. Additionally, there is the possibility of installing the RH-1 transport kit, enabling you to lay it horizontally for easier transport on the road.

The TE-086 features an automatic lock system (ALS) patented by VMB that guarantees safety for the lifter.

VMB Lifting Tower - TE086


While the TE-086 is designed to elevate loads upwards in a vertical direction, it should never be used as a platform to elevate people. Furthermore, it should never be used to lift a vehicle or other mobile load. 

TL-054 Lifting Tower

The TL-054 front load lifter is a compact and easy to handle lifting tower designed to lift heavy loads from the ground and keep them at high altitudes. It is specifically designed to vertically lift loads such as trussing and lighting systems. This model has a maximum load capacity of 220kg and a max height of 5.45m. The TL-054 has two adjustable steel load forks to support loads either on top or on hung underneath. Thanks to a variety of compatible accessories, you can use this lifter for a variety of applications.

The TL-054 features the inertial pendulum ILS safety system as well as a special SRS Retentor system, patented by VMB, which guarantees that the towerlift’s aluminum sections will automatically rise in order.

VMB lifting tower - TE-086


While the TL-054 is designed to elevate loads upwards in a vertical direction, it should never be used as a platform to elevate people. Additionally, it should never be used to lift a vehicle or other mobile load. 

You can find these VMB lifts and more at shopmtn.eu