Petzl Collection Added to MTN SHOP

Here at MTN Shop we are delighted to announce the addition of Petzl fall protection systems and accessories to our online shop. Whether you’re an arborist, lineman, window cleaner, or simply enjoy adventurous sports like rock climbing, fall protection safety equipment is a necessity.

With Petzl, you are guaranteed the most innovative products that will allow you to progress, position and protect yourself in any type of vertical environment.

About Petzl

Founded in 1930, Petzl is one of the world’s most renowned brands in climbing and rope access products for both recreational and professional settings. Their combination of reliable verticality and lighting equipment is the full package for any climber looking to take their talents to the next level. 

We Have Chosen

We have hand-picked some of Petzl’s finest safety gear to provide you with best fall protection equipment from the best in the industry. 

Helmets & Harnesses 

Safety helmets and harnesses are two of the most important pieces of safety equipment needed when working at height.

The Petzl VERTEX VENT, thanks to its six-point textile suspension, CENTERFIT and FLIP&FIT systems, guarantees that this safety helmet fits securely on the wearer’s head. It also features ventilation holes to allow airflow through the helmet and has an adjustable-strength chinstrap making it ideal for work both at height and on the ground.



The Petzl NEWTON EASYFIT fall arrest harness is a lightweight and breathable construction that gives optimal freedom of movement. With a vest that ensures the harness keeps its shape and FAST automatic buckles that retain their adjustment settings, this harness is extremely easy to don.



The Petzl AVAO BOD FAST is a fall arrest, work positioning and suspension harness designed for comfort in a variety of situations. It features a wide, semi-rigid waist belt and leg loops that give excellent support and has a lightweight and breathable construction that maximises air flow.

Avao bod Harness


Other Accessories

With any great fall protection equipment there are a number of additional accessories that enhance the product offering. This is no different for Petzl who provide numerous Belay Devices, Ascenders, Descenders and Carabiners that can be attached to and used along with their line of harnesses.

Petzl also offer the PIXA 3 Headlamp, a light source that can be attached to their line of helmets. This rugged and versatile headlamp includes a multi-beam that provides 3 lighting modes to adapt to all situations. Whether you require close-range light, lighting whilst on the move or long-range vision, the PIXA 3 ensures your work can be carried out efficiently either day or night.

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