Monobloq: The All-New Cable Management Rigging System

MTN is thrilled to announce the online launch of the 'Monobloq' - the all new patented cable management rigging system where all the user needs is a single fix cable plus Monobloq to create the hanging point. The patented system allows for cable adjustment in seconds and the installation of up to eight bridles per hour with two technicians.


With the Monobloq system, less cable stock is needed, and cable adjustments can be done in seconds. Here at MTN, we offer two different Monobloq bodies: one for 8mm steel ropes and one for 10 mm steel ropes. To operate with each of these diameters, the corresponding pressure wedge must be used. In both cases, installation is carried out in the same way.


How To Use The Monobloq?

  1. Insert the appropriate-sized steel rope—8mm for 8mm steel ropes or 10mm for 10mm steel ropes—into the open Monobloq device.

  2. Securely place the pressure wedge into the designated recess within the Monobloq body and fasten the cover using three fixing screws.

  3. Attach the shackle to the structural element.

  4. Adjust the cable's length by applying two-handed force in the desired direction while Monobloq is suspended from the shackle.

  5. To secure the cable at a specific position, manually apply pressure.

  6. Insert the set screw on the opposite side of the load and tighten until firmly secured.



What Are The Advantages Of Using The Monobloq? 

Quick Adjustment:

Once the Monobloq is suspended from the shackle, the length of the rope can be adjusted to the desired running direction by applying force with both hands.


Ease Of Use

All you need is a suspension rope and the Monobloq to create a flexible hanging point. The patented system allows positioning in seconds and the installation of up to 8 bridles per hour.


Safety & Speed

The Monobloq rigging system is patented and its flexible hanging points can be positioned to fit within seconds.



Technical Specs

Lets dive into the intricate details of the new Monobloq cable management system:

  • 10MM Max. Load (WLL): 10kN ~ 1000kg
  • 8MM Max. Load (WLL): 7kN ~ 700kg
  • Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 25 mm
  • Weight: 1550 g
  • Material Body: Al 7075-56
  • Material Cams: Al 7075-56
  • Material Covers: AlSl 304
  • Tightening Torque: 57 Nm
  • Screw Quality: 10.9

For further information on the all new Monobloq cable management rigging system - visit MTN SHOP!