How can the Doughty Tank Trap make you more efficient?

by MTN Productions LTD November 01, 2018

Entertainment professionals know the importance of ensuring that everything goes smoothly because, well, even if it doesn’t, the show must go on. Key products can help ensure that there are no hiccups along the way and investing in top-quality assets from only the best brands is a must.

Doughty Engineering was founded in 1985 with a focus on producing equipment for the entertainment market in the UK. They’ve grown to be the world-leading manufacturer of so much more, including rigging, suspension, and lifting equipment for everything from the theater to film industries. With safety as their top priority, you can remain confident that Doughty products meet the highest quality standards.

Doughty understands the importance of doing everything you can to make sure your event set-up goes the way it should the first time around. The Doughty Engineering Tank Trap is the perfect addition to your set-up equipment. They’re a must-have for any entertainment professional.


What Makes the Doughty Tank Trap Different

3 Options of Standard Tank Traps - Trouble-free in Transport & Storage

The standard Tank Trap provides the means to support a 48mm diameter vertical tube or scaffold pole to fly luminaires or other entertainment equipment, ideally for side lighting. It consists of a square steel plate and a receiver to create a customized fixing. Moreover, it is perfectly designed for transport and storage with the capability of stacking. Wheel version and Castor version are also available to make your event set up even more efficient.

Doughty Tank Trap with a fixed base. Supplied by MTN Shop EU

Option1: Doughty Tank Trap with a fixed baseDoughty Tank Trap with 2 wheels. Supplied by MTN Shop EU Option2Doughty Tank Trap with 2 wheels   

Doughty Tank Trap with 4 Castors. Supplied by MTN Shop EU

Option3: Doughty Tank Trap with 4 Castors

The Doughty 3 Position Tank Trap - Awarded in 2017

A new addition to the Doughty line is the 3 Position Tank Trap. The 3 position tank trap was awarded the ABTT Engineering Product of the Year Award last year. What makes this different from the rest is that it enables building in the corner of a room or near something that otherwise would have been an obstruction.

This opens the possibilities for your stage or set design like never before. What did the judges like so much about it? It raised the question, “Why has this never been made before?” When you find yourself asking that about a new product, you know it’s a good one.

With the benefits both of storage and flexible mounting options, the manual handling issues many industry professionals struggled with before have been addressed and eliminated.

This tank trap is fitted with a removable receiver that can be bolted to the centre, at the edge, or in the corner of the plate. This means that the plate can be used as a base plate for various truss sizes.

These tank traps can be used in a variety of settings, including museums, and event venues. They can be used on their own or as part of a larger installation. Hanging lighting fixtures, sound systems, set pieces, and video projectors has never been easier!

Doughty 3 Position Tank Trap. Supplied by MTN Shop EUDoughty 3 Position Tank Trap. Supplied by MTN Shop EU
Doughty 3 Position Tank Trap: Fitted with a removable receiver for a variety of settings


The Doughty Tank Trap Dolly - Accomodate 10 Tank Traps

With the Doughty Tank Trap Dolly, you’re able to transport and store ten 3 position tank traps. The receivers are stored in a slot between the tank traps and captivated by a retaining plate. The Doughty Tank Trap dimensions are at 600mm for the square plate and 50mm for the receiver. A 48mm diameter aluminum barrel or galvanized scaffold pole can be fitted and secured vertically.

Doughty Tank Trap Dolly for Easy Transport. Supplied by MTN Shop EU

Doughty Tank Trap Dolly: To transport and store ten 3 position tank traps easily

These products are newer to the Doughty line as of 2017 and have quickly proven their place in the industry. You can get yours today at!

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