French Brand NEOFEU Added to MTN SHOP

At MTN SHOP we understand that fall protection is a worker at height’s best friend. Whether you’re cutting down trees, scaling an electricity pole or walking the beams above large arenas, having safe and reliable fall protection is a number one priority. For this reason, we are delighted to introduce NEOFEU, a company who specialise in the designing and manufacturing of high-quality fall protection equipment to our online shop.


Established in the 1950s, NEOFEU has established themselves as one of the last independent companies on the French Market dedicated to the manufacturing of fall protection equipment. With over 60 years of experience in this industry, NEOFEU have refined their skills to produce only the highest quality products.

Exclusive Product Discount

We have selected a number of popular harnesses, fall arresters and climbing rope to add to our site, which are, for a limited time only, being sold at a 10% discounted price. These items include:

ILEO Harness

This versatile and ergonomic harness features a large work positioning belt and breathable back pad to ensure extreme comfort and quick donning. This harness includes multiple adjustment possibilities including a belt design with large lateral positioning D-rings that enable users to rotate while working. Tested up to 140 kg, the ILEO is the ideal work positioning harness.


Eagle Edge Fall Arrester

The Eagle Edge Fall Arrester is equipped with a 6m webbing line that retracts automatically. Lightweight and compact, it is fitted with two pawls that provide immediate braking in the case of a fall along with an internal energy dissipating element. This fall arrester is recommended for both horizontal and vertical use for all users weighing up to 140 kg.

NEOFEU Eagle Edge Fall Arrester

Tree Climbing Kernmantle Rope

Specifically designed for tree climbing applications, this 12mm Kernmantle tree climbing rope features two sewn loops offering flexibility and resistance. While the core and braided sheath of this rope are constructed of polyester to provide strong resistance to impact and breaking, the rope is still extremely light. Available in 25m, 35m and 45m lengths, this rope has a mean breaking strength of 34 kN.

NEOFEU Tree Climbing Rope 

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