Columbus McKinnon has hoists to fit any job

When it comes to selecting hoists, Columbus McKinnon(CM) is a top brand in the industry with over 140 years of experience in providing excellence. They’re a leader in material handling systems and services, and we’re proud to sell their products.

CM’s global following means that they are aware of all industry needs and have the equipment to fit them. They supply Lodestar and Prostar electric chain hoists in different variations, which we supply in our online store.

The CM Lodestar Hoist

CM Lodestar D8 - 2000 kg


At, the Lodestar hoist is available in 7 different configurations so that you can find the best one to suit your needs.

The CM Loadstar hoists deliver everything the classic style hoist does, and more! These extra features help to enhance operation and lifting, operate more quietly, require less maintenance, and load capacities to best.

This is available in the following configurations:

Free Lodestar Hoist Inspection Courses by CM

The Prostar Hoist



If you’re working in tight spaces, the CM Prostar is perfect for you! This hoist is more compact than the Lodestar, weighing less than 36 lbs. But being small doesn’t mean the performance is compromised.

This hoist features an overload device that protects the operator, venue, and hoist from overloads. It’s quiet and perfect for work in smaller venues!

Ratchet Lever Hoist


Coffing’s LSB-B Ratchet Lever Hoist


When it comes to lever hoists, Coffing’s LSB-B Ratchet Lever Hoist is ideal for construction and commercial applications. Lightweight and durable, the LSB-B model is rated for a load of ¾ tons with a 10’ lift.

No matter your hoist needs, CM is a brand we trust and know you can trust, too. Shop with confidence today at!