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Yale Safety Tripod and Winch 20m/25m

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Rescue tripod and winch

This tripod stand for confined space entry is designed for entry and rescue within confined space such as manholes, silos, vessels, sewers and underground tanks. With an array of other pieces of Yale Fall Protection Equipment such as a winch, a retrieval block and brackets, rescue tripod operators can carry out varied work tasks and rescue in confined spaces.

tripod stand for confined space entry

Image: When it is necessary to help the worker out of the confined space, 'ABC' fall protection rule has to be applied. A - Anchor System e.g. Recuse Tripod; B - Body Harness; C - Connection Device e.g. Retrieval SRL


The tripod is made from lightweight aluminium, with adjustable height and telescopic legs, the whole tripod folds for storage and/or transportation.

The winch is complete with automatic brake and mounting bracket.

NOTE: Winch and other accessories are sold separately. Proper rescue and retrieval plans have to be created for confined space working.

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Recuse Tripod:

  • WLL: 500kg
  • Height to underside: 1340-2300mm
  • Footprint diameter: 1.66 - 2.36m
  • Weight: 14.3kg
  • Standards: Conforms to EN795. (Article: 37320039)


  • Supplied with winch bracket for mounting on the tripod leg
  • Used to lower or raise personnel (primary lowering device)
  • Cable Diameter: 6.3mm
  • Cable Length: 20m or 25m
  • WLL: 140kg
  • Net weight: 13kg
  • Standard: Conform to EN1496

      Fall Arrest Equipment :

      • Hard Hat: Fa2 Hard Hat with Visor
      • Fall Arrest Harness: Yale Rescue Harness
      • Retrieval Block: Yale Retrieval Block (secondary backup)
        In the event of a fall, the rewind/rescue mechanism can be engaged to raise and/or lower a fallen user. This device is designed as a retrieval device for an emergency but not intended to be used as a continuous winch. The retrieval block bracket is available to attach the block to the tripod.

      Retrieval Block Bracket:

      • To fit retrieval block to the rescue tripod for fall arrest and rescue.


      • To operate with tripod and winch

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