• Yale Electric Chain Hoist 5 Ton (5000Kg), 4m/min (CPVF). Supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Yale Electric Chain Hoist Parts. Supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Yale Electric Chain Hoist Parts. Supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Yale Electric Chain Hoist. Supplied by MTN Shop EU

Yale Electric Chain Hoist 5 Ton, Dual Speed (CPVF)

Product No. CPVF 50-4 3

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Electric Chain Hoist 5 Ton (Trolley or Suspension Lug)

Model No.: CPVF 50-4

The electric hoist 5 Ton (Model CPVF) is one of our best-selling electric hoists, combining modern design and technical innovation. Robust construction makes the series a versatile tool for professional applications. 

The integrated limit switch for the highest and lowest hook position considerably extends the working life span of the slip clutch, motor, and gearbox. Check the video below.


With a double chain fall & lifting speed at 4m/min (main lift), this electric hoist 5 ton is available in 6 lifts from 3m to 18m. At MTN SHOP, you can select different hoist suspension types for your yale electric hoists - lug suspension and different kinds of trolleys.

  • Electric Hoist with Trolley
    Trolley traverse can be plain (push type), hand geared or motor-driven. Mounted with trolley, the unit can run along a beam or a rail, giving you the ability to lift up then across the facility.
  • Lug Suspension
    This provides a mean of securing a hoist for stationary use and is more stable than a hook mount. Ideal for a hoist that will permanently be in one locationIt is particularly useful in situations where headroom for hoist operation is limited or insufficient. If the hoist has to be trolley-mounted, this is also easily mountable with few nuts and bolts to the trolley. 

For any inquiries, please contact us via Chat.

Electric Chain Hoist Specification for CPV/F Model 


  • Heavy Duty electric chain hoist
    Manufactured for a more intense usage with higher duty ratings that are certified to perform at top capacity
  • The easily removable housing cover
    Give direct access to all electrical connections 
  • Electromagnetic spring pressure brake 
    Holds the load safely even in the event of power failure.
  • Motor 
    Protected to IP 55 (acc. to VDE 0530), against ingress of dust and water jets.
  • The easily adjustable slip clutch
    - Designed to guarantee a permanent connection between the load and the brake.
    - Brake holds the load securely without load dropping(red line), even when the slipping clutch is activated.
  • The standard, oil bath lubricated and case hardened gearbox
    Has a helical gearing for particularly smooth running and enhanced lifetime.
  • Suspension lug 
    - For compact dimensions
    - Easy integration in closed-eye constructions.
  • Steel chain guide
  • The main contactor 
    As standard, for increased safety.
  • Standard Operating Voltage
    Euro-voltage 400 V, 3-phase, 50 Hz
  • Increased operating safety 
    Through 42 V control voltage (low voltage control), push-button pendant control, IP 65.
  • 2-year warranty (excluding wear parts) and a lifetime lubricated gearbox.


Electric Chain Hoist 5 Ton Specification


  • Stainless steel load chain (no reduction of working load limit)
  • Suspension hook
  • Flexible chain container
  • Other operating voltages
  • Counter for operating hours and number of starts
  • Radio remote control
  • Control for synchronized operation of several hoists
  • Manual and electric trolleys
  • Festooned cables systems and alternative power supplies
  • Suspension for light crane systems


  • Yale hoists an trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.
  • Also available as 230V, 1-phase, 50 Hz (25% ED) version. Optionally available with an electric trolley.

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