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Spin-Go it is an innovative, crafted yet simple product. Once you try it, ladders won’t do the job any more.

  • an innovative manual push-around vertical platform with motorized lift/lower
  • working height 4.17 m
  • manual adjustable load tray easily positioned from on board the platform
  • 73 cm wide, 115 cm long
  • feather weight of only 280 kg



Spin-Go can be manually moved into the desired position with ease and in no time. It lifts the operator and loaded items, positioning them at the desired height. The innovative load tray carries up to 90 kg (198.4 lbs.) and its height can be manually adjusted while on board. Furthermore, additional material can be loaded on the load deck found on the hood, up to a maximum load of 90 kg (198.4 lbs.). This will reduce the number of unnecessary trips inside the warehouse to retrieve items. The use of Spin-Go will also allow you to take full advantage of vertical space, in certain circumstances doubling the quantity of items immediately available at hand.

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work considers a load of 25-30 kg (55-66 lbs.) as potentially too heavy to lift for most people (Osha Fact Sheet 73). Simple and compact, it allows you to carry out all the operations of restocking shelves, the setting up and cleaning of rooms and commercial spaces, safely and comfortably. To ensure maximum operator safety, the brakes on the wheels are always active. With a low basket, by pushing the brake release switch you will be able to easily push the platform into position.


Intuitive, efficient and comfortable, Spin-Go simply makes work better. The innovative lifting system requires no maintenance, while the careful selection of high quality components and an extremely simple but effective design make it practically maintenance free. You can completely eliminate battery maintenance by installing AGM batteries, which are also available for all of our products.


Magnetic storage box

Convenient and sturdy storage box with magnetic hook. Compatible with all models of the Bravi range.

Gate alarm sensor

Audible alarm that activates every time the gate doors open at height.

Gate interlock

Mechanical lock consisting of two caps which, when the unit lifts, activate and place themselves inside two slots at the base of each door.


Platform Height 2168 mm
Working Height 4168 mm
Platform Length 1163 mm
Platform Width 730 mm
Height Stowed 1480 mm
Entry Step 367 mm
Platform Capacity w/ decks ext. 130 kg
Load Tray Capacity 90 kg
Unit Weight (CE) 280 kg
Rated Number of Occupants (CE) 1
Power Source 110/220 V ca 24Vcc
Batteries 110/220 V ca 24Vcc

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