Solus Fluorescent Tube - 3/4/5 FT [25 Pack]

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  • • Energy Rating: B
  • • Pack of 25
  • • Length: 3', 4' & 5'
Product details

Solus Fluorescent Tube (Cool White)

Fluorescent lamps with a diameter of 28mm are available in three different lengths: 3 FT, 4 FT and 5 FT. These lamps are used in offices, meeting rooms, industry or shops in general according to the fitting requirement. Case of 25.

  • Watt: 30W, 36W, 58W
  • Lumens: 30W: 2450lm, 36W: 3350lm, 58W: 5200lm
  • Lamp length: 30W: 3Ft, 36W: 4Ft, 58W: 5Ft
  • Rated lamp lifetime: 8000H
  • Energy Rating: B
  • Colour temperature: 6400K (Cool White)
  • Packaging and the Environment: Solus cares for the environment. The blister packs are produced in such a way that the component parts (cardboard and PVC) can be separated in favour of differential refuse collection and recycling.

Light Tube Brightness

A lumen measures lamp brightness.

Typically, the higher the wattage, the higher the lumens, and the more brightness.

220+ ◉ 400+ ◉ 700+ ◉ 900+ ◉ 1300+

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