Ron StageMaster™ Wireless Shackle Pin Load Cell

Product No. 6000-1TSPSF5LC1

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The Ron StageMaster™ RSM 6000 G4 Wireless Shackle Pin Load Cell offers advanced load monitoring and overload detection. These weatherproof shackle pins are built with extremely low headroom and quick installation in mind and offer capacities ranging from 1/4 ton to 12.5 Tons.


  • R.F.: 2.4 GHz range
  • R.F. Transmission Range: Up to 450'/150m in normal operation
  • Safety Factor: 5:1 and 10:1 standard
  • Safety Features: Fatigue rated load cells that can withstand successive load cycles for long periods of time without the risk of failure or damage to the steel. 
  • Proof Load: 200%
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% of full range
  • Capacities: 2t standard capacity with range of capacities from 0.25t to 6t
  • Display: Using a laptop or PC, the operator can monitor and control the loads up to 200 load cells per monitoring station simultaneously, having on one single screen all the relevant information derived from the load cells: Sum (group sum and total structure sum); Max; Tare; Zero; Group (LC); Overload detection; Stage-plan layout; Low battery indication; etc. 
  • Functions: Sum, Max, Tare, Zero, Group (LC), Overload detection and alert (visual and audible), Low battery indication, Reports data base, User calibration, Group functions (Sum, Max, Zero, Tare, Overload and customized overload detection), Plan/layout archiving
  • Additional Features: Tablet and smart phone compatible
  • Units: Selectable: Tons, Kgs, Lbs.
  • Load Cell Material: Made of high-strength, aerospace quality low alloy steel, polyurethane coated
  • Power: 4 x AA 1.5 Volt Alkaline disposable batteries rated 3Ah for each load cell; Batteries will function up to 5000 hours
  • Calibration: User calibration. Initial factory calibration, certified and traceable to NIST
  • Temperature Range: Load Cell: -15°F to +175°F / -25°C to +80°C
  • Environmental: Weatherproof; Nema 4; IP 65

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