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Yale D85 Pull Lift / Ratchet Lever Hoist w.Link Chain 750-6,000KG

PUL-LIFT D 85 750-1.5


Yale D85 Pull Lift / Ratchet Lever Hoist

What is a Pull Lift?

A pull lift is known as lever hoist or ratchet chain hoist. It a budget and versatile tool, perfect for lifting, pulling and securing materials.

Yale Pul Lift D85 with the capacity from 750kg to 6,000kg is the original ratchet lever hoist, the unit on which Yale was founded. It is designed for heavy-duty work and is suitable for almost any application in maintenance, mining, construction, steel fabrication, shipbuilding, utility work, and especially the rail industry. 

This Yale Lever Hoist D85 is also ideal for spotting and securing heavy loads, simplifying the setting of pipes, etc. in manholes and trenches. If you need a lever hoist for frequent operation in tough conditions, the heavy-duty D85 Pul-Lift is the right one that has also been known to have a working life up to 40+ years if well maintained. 

Britain’s No. 1 Name for Lifting - YALE

Yale is a global brand of Columbus McKinnon (CM)The Yale name is synonymous with quality hoisting equipment and has been since 1877 when Linus Yale, Jr. produced the first spur geared hand chain hoist with the Weston Screw Brake. Today, nearly 145 years on, Yale still leads the industry with new and innovative products, making their hoists and lifting equipment the no.1 choice in the UK and globally recognized.

Technical Data - Yale Pull Lift Manual & Certification - Manual Hoist Guide (Lever Hoist vs Chain Hoist)


  • Enclosed housing cover, hand lever, and bottom block: 
    Made from high tensile malleable cast iron for overall rugged construction
  • The short hand lever: 
    Fitted with an ergonomic rubber grip
  • An automatically acting load pressure brake: 
    Works on the self-locking principal. e.g. when the pull lift is used to secure loads, an unintentional loosening of the brake is prevented when the load vibrates.
  • Sheave for the link chain: 
    The graphite cast iron load sheave for the link chain has precision machined chain pockets for accurate fit and durability of the load chain.
  • Alloyed steel link chain:
    With zinc-plated resp. yellow chromated finish, in accordance with national and international standards and regulations.


          • Capacity: 750kg - 6,000kg
          • Lift: 1.5m - 18m
          • No. of Chain Fall: 1-3


              • Items you often need to operate a lever hoist:
                - Suspension: It can be suspended in a fixed location with a Beam Clamp or from a Push Trolley/Geared Trolley with its top hook.
                - Load Attachment: The lower hook can directly attach a load but quite commonly a lifting sling is used (in conjunction with shackles sometimes)  
              • Yale lever hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.
              • This ratchet lever hoist is suitable for cargo tie-down applications since it has an automatic screw-and-disc type load brake preventing an unintentional loosening of the load.

                6 Quick Facts of Lever Hoist

                Lever Hoist Quick Facts

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