• Prolyte Verto Truss (TUV Certified), ranging from 0.25m to 4m Length, is supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Prolyte Verto Truss (TUV Certified), ranging from 0.25m to 4m Length, is supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Prolyte Verto Truss (TUV Certified), ranging from 0.25m to 4m Length, is supplied by MTN Shop EU
  • Prolyte Verto Truss (TUV Certified), ranging from 0.25m to 4m Length, is supplied by MTN Shop EU

Prolyte Verto Truss H30 (TUV Certified)

Product No. VER-H30V-L025

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Prolyte Verto Truss - H30V

Prolyte Verto Truss is a new revolutionary system launched by Prolyte Group in April of 2016, making truss connection fast, silent and safe.

  • FAST: The Verto truss can be assembled by a simple rotating locking system, securing the truss in seconds, without the need for tools.
    Tested general assembly times are up to 5 times faster than those for the truss with conical coupling systems and 10 times faster than any bolted truss.

  • SILENT & SAFE: Because of this, the assembly is almost completely silent, thereby greatly adding to safety on the work floor. 

Verto H30 Series truss is constructed of main tubes (48,3 x 3 mm) and diago­nals (16 x 2 mm). Equipped with the Verto coupling system, the Verto H30 truss is fast and easy to assemble. The Verto H30 truss can be found in rental fleets all over the globe, where its optimum strength and flexible application possibilities make it well loved and much used. H30 truss is available in a square profile and a range of accessories. Verto truss is patented by Prolyte.

For a case study of Prolyte Verto Truss, please visit our Prolyte Verto Truss blog. We also offer Verto Truss H40 series with heavy load capacity and 2 profile options.

Maximum Uniformly Distributed Load Maximum Centre Point Load
Length (m) Total Weight (kg) Load (kg/m) Deflection (mm) Load (kg/m) Deflection (mm)
3 21.4 647.4 10 1557 8
6 42.6 320.1 41 877.2 33
9 63.9 150.8 92 603.7 74
12 85.2 81.7 164 449.8 131
15 106.5 49.7 256 348.9 205

Download full loading table - TUV Certificate

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  • Tool-less system: No tools needed for assembly and disassembly

  • Safety indication: When the red ring of the coupling system is still visible, the connection is not (fully) closed. Operators have to turn it more tightly. For secondary safety, Prolyte Verto Safety Clip is available. 

  • No protruding parts: Ideal for attaching banners or drapes

  • Bringing safety to the work floor: Its silent connection contributes to efficient work floor communication

  • Incredible fast connection and disconnection: Reduce production time

  • Strong and compact: Based on the H30V truss with similar loading capacity

  • Coupling parts can be replaced: Prolong the general lifetime of your truss

  • Versatile system with many application possibilities: The additional box corner completes the system

  • Wide range of Prolyte Verto Truss Accessories: To complete your installation and structure safely and functionally. Note: Verto Truss accessories such as couplers and safety clips are not included. Please purchase them separately. 

  • Incorporated dirt-repellent system

  • Verto truss is TUV certified following the new Eurocode regulations


  • Type: VER-H30V

  • Alloy: EN AW 6082 T6

  • Main Tubes (Chords): 48,3 x 3 mm

  • Braces: 16 x 2 mm

  • Coupling System: Verto, CrMo4

How to operate Prolyte Verto Truss?

The Verto truss is based on a new principle of truss connection, where the sections are joined by a rotating coupler system. ''Verto'' is derived from Latin, meaning to turn or to turn around. It is exactly how this coupler works. A simple flick of your wrist will connect the truss sections.

How to operate Prolyte Verto Truss?


The advantage of Prolyte Verto Truss

How fast Prolyte Verto Truss can be?

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