PHC SP-017 Single Notch Utility Knife Blades (100 Pack)

Product No. SP-017

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PHC SPS-017 Single Notch Utility Knife Blades

The PHC SPS-017 Single Notch Utility Knife Blades  feature safety points for added safety and to help prevent puncture wounds. Made from high quality carbon steel, these durable, Stanley style blades are designed to easily slice through a great variety of materials and are used in PHC QuickBlade models and other standard utility knifes. The blades last three times longer than conventional blades.

This blade fits most safety cutters at Pacific Handy Cutter including the S4, S4S, S5, S7, S8, EZ1, EZ2+, EZ4, EZ7, GSC3, RZ3 and EZ3
The blades are packaged in a box of 100 blades and placed into paper tucks of five
For added convenience and safety the SP-017 Blades can also be purchased in our SPD-017 Blade Dispenser.

For any inquiries please contact us via Chat.


Quantity: 100
Blade Thickness: 0.43 cm

Blade Type: Standard Utility Blade w/ Safety Point
Blade Point Type: Safety Point
Corresponding Cutters: All Standard Utility Knives
Blade Material: High Quality Carbon Steel


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