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MTN Cube Ballast



MTN Cube - The Next Generation of Ballast Systems

A Cube with Curves - Compact Design, Universal Truss Compatibility, Customisable Aesthetics

Nearly every stage production requires a ballast system for stability and grounding, preventing the structures from overturning or sliding. Ballast is necessary, especially when working outdoors, and ensures that stages or structures are supported from the ground up.

MTN Cube is an ideal ballast system that maximises the versatility and space efficiency of a production site as well as reducing operational time and cost. Until MTN introduced this next generation of Ballast System, stage professionals had no alternative but to use traditional ballasts made of water, sand or concrete with a bulky and not operator-friendly design.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Compact Design to avoid a bulky production. With the same weight as other types of stage ballast, MTN cube has a much smaller size than a traditional one
  • No Hard Edged Corner for premium aesthetics. Ideal for fashion shows, corporate events, VIPs and other premium productions
  • 5-Side Truss Connection
  • Universal Truss Compatibility: Both Metric and Imperial options available
  • Customizable Aesthetics: Custom Vinyl skins available based on event colour pallet
  •  Fork into place:  Easy to transport
  • Brackets and Plates: For custom applications
  • Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Over 30 Mounting Configurations


  • Material: Steel construction with concrete-filled core
  • All corners: 82.6mm radius
  • Adjustable levelling feet: Hand level with Screw Jack
  • Standard Bolt Patterns for 30cm & 40cm truss
  • Sizes: MTN Cube 450kg is in-stock now.
    (P.S MTN Cube 200kg are available upon request)

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