• MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case
  • MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case
  • MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case
  • MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case
  • MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case
  • MTN BOX®:Spektrum Series LG- Strong & Versatile Road Case

MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG - Strong & Versatile Road Case

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Road Case Designed by Mountain Productions

Strength and versatility are perfectly combined in Mountain Productions’ own road case design: The MTN BOX®.

Our crew has been loading, transporting, and pushing road cases for years. It’s this experience that led us to create our own case that caters directly to the unique needs of entertainment professionals.

Designed for Durability

This case is tough. Constructed of a super strong polyethylene resin, the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG is resistant to chemicals, heat, dust, and moisture. We only use heavy-duty hardware for optimal strength, and a recessed steel frame reinforces the case’s construction and displaces the weight of your case contents.

Highly Versatile to Meet your Needs

We know that the driving force behind a good road case design is reliable protection, but we’ve also integrated a level of versatility that is unmatched in the road case competition. We’re all used to standard ATA road cases. They’re effective, and an industry standard case that we’ve loaded on our trucks in the past and present. But what the standard flight pack is missing is the versatility to customize itself to adapt to clients’ needs. The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG is the only road case that can be customized for each client, and has the ability to adapt time and time again for your specific needs.

Integrated channels in the MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG inner walls fit a wide variety of partition inserts, allowing you to organize the interior of your case to accommodate not only chain hoists, but rigging, tools, fall protection, and more. These inserts are easily swapped out for a new combination, so that on each job, you have a case that caters exactly to your application.

The MTN BOX®: Spektrum Series LG was designed by industry professionals with the experience needed to develop the perfect road case. Our MTN BOX® design rethinks the capability of the ordinary road case and delivers a product that exceeds current industry standards.

Visit www.mtnbox.com to see the full list of capabilities and features of the MTN BOX road case.

• All components, parts and hardware are sold separately as replacement parts

• Steel Recessed Frame - surrounds the perimeter of the MTN BOX® and displaces the weight of your equipment, keeping your cases manageable and protected

• Spring Loaded Handles

• Organizational Whiteboards - 5" x 8" with writeable sections for production name, packed by date, ship date, box number, weight, and content

• Heavy Duty Swivel Casters - cold forged top plate and base and hardened double ball bearing swivel raceways

• Stackable Caster Cups - molded caster cups on the top of the MTN BOX® lid prevents stacked cases from moving during transportation

• Visit mtnbox.com for more information and product schematics

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