Hansen Protection SeaArctic Taucheranzug 82607

Product No. 82607-55290MED

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Hansen SeaArctic Taucheranzug 82607


SeaArctic is a further development of our SeaNordic suit with some important additional features. The suit has a certified, integral self-righting device that turns the wearer around to the correct face-up flotation position, even if the wearer is unconscious. The user can also manually inflate the bladder in the hood for increased water tightness around the face, improved flotation and freeboard. The suit has a 6-hour certification and can be used without a lifejacket. It provides good life insurance on board fishing vessels, merchant ships and mobile offshore installations.


  • Immersion suit for fishing vessels, merchant ships and offshore installations
  • Automatic self-righting unit (NMD compliant) - an extra insurance in an emergency
  • Flame retardant and UV resistant 5mm neoprene with doubleknitted polyester/spandex backing for strength and flexibility
  • Waterproof main zipper in soft PU/Plastic - easy to close
  • Reinforced seams
  • Approved reflective tape
  • Hood with inflatable cushion to improve water tightness and floating position / freeboard
  • Watertight cuffs in neoprene
  • Detectable 3 finger gloves attached by elastic bands, stored under flap on sleeves
  • Buddy line with floating hook
  • Lifting strap with D-ring and carbine hook in stainless steel
  • Approved emergency light
  • Velcro leg tighteners
  • Spray-shield in hood
  • Rubber soles for optimal grip on slippery surface
  • SOLAS approved and in accordance with the LSA-code MED 1.6b as an insulated immersion suit, designed to be worn without life-jacket. Satisfies Norwegian Maritime Directorate Regulation 04 July 2007 No. 853 §9 concerning life-saving appliances and evacuation on mobile offshore units with self righting unit
  • Accepted by Transport Canada and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)
  • May be vacuum packed for extended service interval (max 5 years)


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    5,2 kg

    63x38x23 cm


    63x36x17 cm

    5 years



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    68x41x20 cm


    68x40x17 cm

    5 years



    6,2 kg

    75x43x20 cm


    73x40x18 cm

    5 years

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