Gunnebo Lifting Chain Grade 10

Product No. Z802300

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Gunnebo Lifting Chain G10

In each step of the manufacturing of the chain, our systematic quality monitoring will ensure the highest safety and the longest life span in the product. Our chain is made from special quenched and tempered alloy steel, a guarantee for very high strength, low weight, high wear resistance and long life.

Part no Length (m) WLL (t) d nom. Weight (kgs)
Z802300 1x200 1.5 6 0.872
Z802337 1x200 1.95 7 1.14
Z802301 1x200 2.6 8 1.45
Z802302 1x100 4 10 2.25
Z802303 1x100 6.8 13 3.76
Z802304 1x100 10.3 16 5.64
Z802305 1x50 16 20 9.4
Z802248 1x50 27 26 16.4

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