Gransfors Wildlife Hatchet 35cm

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  • • Handle length: 35cm
  • • A traditional scouting and camping axe with a sheath
  • • Able to cut off quite large branches/split small logs for campfire
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Wildlife Hatchet

The Gränsfors Wildlife Hatchet is a traditional scouting and camping axe, with the same head as the Hand Hatchet but on a longer handle. This longer handle lends the axe more power, not least when felling trees.

Practical for carrying in your rucksack when you need a small axe with plenty of power. The axe is capable of lopping off quite large branches or splitting small logs for the campfire. The shape of the sheath, which covers the edge and the top part of the poll, stops the axe head cutting into your rucksack.

  • Handle: 35 cm
  • Weight: 0.6 kg
  • Sheath: Vegetable-tanned leather
  • Swedish Design

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