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  • How to split wood with a wedge and sledge hammer?

Estwing Sure Split Wedge

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Estwing Sure Split Wedge or called Estwing Splitting Wedge is a wood-splitting tool with a revolutionary concept in design which makes splitting wood fast and easy. The 9'' / 22.9 cm wedge has a fast taper head and 1-7/8'' / 4.7 cm cutting edge for easy starting.

Not only does it offer a good start, but also ensures a comfortable splitting action when it progresses through the wood. The Sure Split Wedge's fins permit extra wedge action and the sledge will continue the split through the wood line for reliable splitting.

How to split wood with a wedge and sledge hammer?

Features & Benefits

  • Fast Tapering Head with a Sharp Edge  
    - Quickly lodge into the wood for an easy splitting start 
    - Split wood with less effort.
  • Double-Fin Design on the End of the Wedge: 
    - Forged with offset fins for excellent splitting action
    - The greater angles provide a stronger wedge action when the tool is driven further down 
  • Sledge:
    - Allow the Sure Split Wedge to penetrate below the wood line for sure splitting.
  • Wood to be split
    - The large wood up to 1.2m diameter
    - Most woods such as White/Red Oak, Hickory, Ash, Elm, Apple Wood, Pine, Cedar, and Cherry.
  • Easy to store, carry and use
  • Single-blade head with a blue UV finish providing durability
  • Made in the USA


  • Material: The head is made of soft steel to prevent cracking while the cutting edge is hard and sharp to cut through the wood.
  • Cutting Edge: 4.7 cm (1-7/8 inch)
  • Overall Length: 22.9 cm (9 inch)
  • Weight: 254 g

Splitting Wedge vs Maul:
Some may find log-splitting wedge quite new and have never used it. This lightweight, portable metallic tool is actually great for splitting a harder and larger wood that a splitting maul cannot split. As the name suggests, a wood split wedge is a wedge-shaped piece of metal that can be driven into a medium-to-large wooden block by slamming it with a sledgehammer or axe for easy splitting.


What people say about this Estwing Splitting Wedge

I bought three splitters as a had a huge pile of large logs to deal with and I wasn't sure which would be best. The other two were a standard wedge and a "log bomb". This splitter was better than either of those. You need to put an initial crack in the log with say a felling axe, then insert the splitter and pound it with a maul or similar. The different taperings on the splitter proved very effective at splitting even the toughest of logs and it never got stuck.--- Mr. Andrew Elliott (UK)

Great tool. I split 4 logs in 5 minutes with a couple of donks with a 2and a half pound hammer on a hard surface. This is perfect for me as my log supplier splits the logs big and it's easier for smaller stoves. Will be able to manage all sizes now without investing in the more industrial splitters which is not required for our requirements.--- Mr. Mr. J. Kelly (UK)

I had rounds of wood that I could not split with an axe. For the project I could not justify the large price tag for powered wood splitter and opted to try this product.
Impressed with the product. Split the rounds without issue.

I would recommend this product..--- CH (Canada)

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