• Doughty Quin Sheave Pulley- 100/150/180mm Sheave Dia.- MTN Shop EU
  • Doughty Quin Sheave Pulley- 100/150/180mm Sheave Dia.- MTN Shop EU

Doughty Quin Sheave Pulley

Product No. T42814

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Doughty Quin Sheave Pulley

The Doughty Pulley system is of modular construction, allowing easy assembly of single or multiple sheave units from a limited range of standard components. With the addition of various brackets and fixings, the basic pulleys will fulfill a variety of specialist needs. This standard Pulley has a Nylon sheave running on a plain shaft. 100mm, 150mm, and 180mm diameter sheaves are available for Quin Sheave Pulley. Sheaves are available for fiber or wire ropes. 

Doughty Quin Sheave Pulleys have a safe working load of 150 kg. Designed for use within the theatre, film and TV Industries. A basic quin sheave pulley is ready to accept any of the range of fixings. To order pulleys please state part numbers of:

1. Basic Pulley required

2. Fixing System required ie. T42800 + T42865 = 100mm Single Pulley (for wire) fitted with Awning Block.

User Manual


The recommended sizes for Hand Ropes & Wires are:

  • 100mm Diameter Sheave - 12mm Rope – 4mm Wire
  • 150mm Diameter Sheave - 18mm Rope – 6mm Wire
  • 180mm Diameter Sheave - 18mm Rope – 6mm Wire
  • SWL: 150 Kg
  • Width: 148mm

Brackets for Doughty Standard Pulleys:

stage pulleys

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