• Lindapter Flange Clamp (Max. 23mm Thick; SWL: 300kg)- MTN Shop EU
  • Lindapter Flange Clamp(Max. 23mm Thick)- MTN Shop EU
  • Lindapter Flange Clamp(Max. 23mm Thick)- MTN Shop EU
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  • Doughty Lindapter Flange Clamp(Max. 23mm Thick)- MTN Shop EU

Doughty Lindapter Flange Clamp (Max. 23mm Thick) (3 pieces)

Product No. T29700

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Lindapter Flange Clamp

The Lindapter Flange Clamp is designed specifically to mount on to Girder Flanges/Flange Beams. It uses a Hex Set Screw which is a high-tensile cup point screw for a secure grip.

With the rear hole with 13mm diameter, it can be used to drop M12 studding from flanges up to 23mm thick for suspending loads.

Lindapter Flange Clamp provides a faster, cost-effective alternative to on-site drilling or welding. It also reduces installation time and labour costs.

For any inquiries, please contact us via chat. 

Spec Sheet of Lindapter 


  • Clamping Thickness: 3 - 23mm
  • SWL: 300Kg
  • Fixing: M12 Hole
  • Weight: 0.2kg
  • Material: Steel

Lindapter Flange Clamp Installation:

1) Slide the clamp onto the beam flange and tighten the Set Screw to the recommended torque (See the spec sheet).

As a guide, tighten the Set Screw finger tight and then apply an additional quarter turn (90°) with a spanner.

2) Tighten the locknut (N) to the recommended torque (See the spec sheet).

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