Doughty Griphead

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Standard & Large Griphead - Doughty 

British designed and manufactured lighting support for studios and locations of all types. These products have been manufactured for a high degree of performance to give solutions to challenging lighting demands. The Griphead features an offset receiver. The conical clamping system enables items of irregular shape to be clamped securely. Both Doughty Gripheads are available in polished or black finishes. For any inquiries, please contact us via chat.

Doughty Large Griphead


  • 115mm Large Griphead with an offset 29mm receiver to accommodate luminaires.
  • Dual position locking handle for BS and DIN Spigots.
  • Clamp plate slotted to accept 25, 20, 16 & 12mm diameter poles/arms.
  • Conical clamping system enables items of up to 50mm square or of irregular shape to be fixed securely.


  • Size: 115mm
  • Arms: 12 to 25mm
  • Weight: 2.40kg
  • Finish: Polished or Black

Doughty Standard Griphead


  • Fits all Baby and ‘C’ stands via a 16mm receiver.
  • Clamp plates slotted to accept 16, 12, 10 & 6mm pins/arms for flags scrims etc.
  • Conical clamping system enables secure fixing of irregularly shaped objects.


  • Size: 65mm
  • Arms: 6 to 16mm
  • Weight: 0.70kg
  • Finish: Polished or Black

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