CM Genuine Load Chain (1/4")

CM Genuine Load Chain 6mm- V1


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Product Details

6mm lifting chain calibrated for CM Lodestar hoists.

Chain Specifications:

  • Grade 80 lifting chain
  • Calibrated for CM Lodestar hoists
  • EN 818-7-DAT compliant
  • Galvanised and case hardened steel, offering better resistance against corrosion and wear
  • Dimensions : 6.35 x 18.91 mm
  • Weight per meter : 0.86 kg

The 6mm CM Load Chain is for use with small frame Lodestars with 500kg capacity. This product is compatible with Model F Lodestar 

Note: The size of the chain refers to the specified lift length. An extra 5cm of chain is added to each lift length to accommodate the internal chain in the hoist chassis. If you need a length of chain that is not provided as a standard option, please contact us.

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