Next-Gen Lodestar Small Frame Lower Hook Block

Next-Gen Lodestar Hoist Part | Small Frame- Lower Hook Block
N/A 28683 Lower Hook Block Assembly 1
1.1 28686 Lower Hook - Latch Type 1
  28604 Lower Hook - Latchlok Type 1
1.1.1 45661 Latch Kit 1
1.2 45401B Lower Hook Body 1
1.3 945921 Lower Hook Washer 1
1.4 88485 Lower Hook Thrust Bearing 1
1.5 982526 Lower Hook Nut 1
1.6 983772 Lower Hook Nut Pin 1
1.7 28007 Lower Hook Chain Block 1
1.8 45943 Lower Hook Chain Block Pin 1

Care and Maintenance 

Lower Hook Thrust Bearing: Should be lubricated at least once a month.

Lower Hook Chain Block:  Carefully check each end of the hole in the lower hook chain block when placing the chain. The larger hole should be on the top. Improper treatment can cause danger.  

Lower Hook Chain Block Pin: When removing or installing the lower hook pin, care must be taken so as to prevent damaging the pin and/or hook block. These pins are tapered groove pins and as a result, they can only be removed in one direction. Refer to the Next-Gen Lodestar Hoist User Manual p.28 to have more details. Caution: Use of improper lower hook chain block pin and improper installation of the pin can cause the pin to break and allow the load to fall.

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