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Full Body Harness


Category: Harness

Full Body Safety Harness - Quick Loop

A full body safety harness is a body support device that distributes fall arrest forces across the shoulders, thighs, and pelvis. According to EN361, a full body harness is the only acceptable body holding device that can be used in a fall arrest system.

It also provides comfort and confidence, and directly affects the wearer's productivity, as well as gives them the flexibility to do what needs to be done on the job site. 

FA2 has the latest in full body harness protection for maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease-of-use.  

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Full Body Harness Inspection Checklist


  • Designed with entertainment riggers in mind
  • ''A''Tag: The fall arrest system must be connected only to the attaching points of a harness marked by capital letter ''A''
  • Padded waist and leg loops: Are still low profile enough to avoid fouling on ropes/access equipment etc.
  • Location of buckles:
    1. At the rear between the dorsal section and waist for easy height adjustment
    2. At the thigh for tight fitting
    3. At the shoulder for padding placement
    4. Between the leg loops and waist
  • The leg loops: Feature a quick release, double safety buckles which cannot accidentally come undone when slack or under tension
  • The waistband: Is fitted with accessory loops for the attachment of tools
  • FA2 Syborg twist lock carabiner: Is used to fasten the harness
You may go back to the diagram that illustrates the features of the full body harness parts.
    • Material: Polyester Webbings
    • Standards:
      EN361:2002, as a full body harness. Features “A” tag at each attachment point
      EN358:1999, as a working positioning belt
      EN813:2008, as a sit harness. Max. Load of the sit harness is 140kg

    How to Wear Safety Harness?

    How To Wear Safety Harness
    1. Take the harness by the shoulder straps. Disconnect shoulder straps from connecting hook [Y]
    2. Move the straps over the head. Taking the harness by the belt, put them on over the feet.
    3. Connect the shoulder straps to connecting hook [Y]
    4. Adjust the belt strap. Necessarily protect free ends of the straps with the loops. Adjust the shoulder straps
    5. Fasten and adjust the thigh straps. Necessarily protect free ends of the straps with the loops

      Safety Harness Inspection 

      Before each use, it is necessary to carry out a pre-use check of the harness to ensure it is in a serviceable condition and operates correctly before it is used.

      During the pre-use check, all elements of this harness have to be inspected in respect of any damages, excessive wear, corrosion, abrasion, cutting or incorrect acting.

      After every 12 months of utilization, this piece of personal protective equipment must be withdrawn from use to carry out a periodical detailed inspection by a competent person. The harness inspection can be done by the manufacturer or its authorized representative.

      To learn more about how to inspect a safety harness, please refer to Safety Harness Inspection Checklist

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